Hackney Spacebank: Weeknote, w/c 19th August 2019

A highlight from this week has been our feedback session with the community halls team and stakeholders. In agile parlance this is a “show and tell”. We are experimenting with naming it differently to see if it encourages wider participation. 

Our key aims were to:

  • Playback what we’ve learnt from our user research so far
  • Gather feedback on the findings
  • Identify where we might have gaps in our emerging learning

We wanted to create an environment where attendees would feel comfortable and able to contribute. We jumped on a bus and headed to Stamford Hill where the community halls team are based. We left our agile paraphernalia* behind. Instead we used flip chart paper and some simple feedback forms** to generate discussion. Naturally, we provided snacks: sweet, salty and healthy to cover a range of preferences 🙂 

We knew we would be parroting some information back to the team they already knew. We wanted to test their reaction and sense check our understanding. This included:

  • Communication with bookers is largely over the phone, this is quicker than using email
  • Gaining access to halls often relies on a third party
  • The booking process can be challenging for bookers and administrators

The response*** was reassuring – we are on the right track. Crucially, we wanted to understand where the gaps in our research might be. The team helped us identify the following areas:

  • Free use/ priority policy for residents
  • Understand what happens in the 2 week notice period
  • Council payment process

In the next feedback session on 4th September, we’ll be presenting some hypotheses based on alleviating pain points for community hall bookers and the team. 

*Postit notes and sharpies

**From the excellent Seeds of Change facilitation handbook

*** There was good challenge too

2 thoughts on “Hackney Spacebank: Weeknote, w/c 19th August 2019”

  1. Keen to follow this one as we have a number of bookable community spaces. Can I make a suggestion around user needs for us ‘watchers’? It would be great to have links here directly to your user research library (the link on Pipeline is broken), plus a quick two-line summary on Pipeline linking to the latest blog post would stimulate interest. Not criticisms – just gentle suggestions as the HackIt work is worth following!

    1. Thanks Neil, that’s really helpful. I’ll add links to research findings in future blog posts (and check out what’s gone wrong on pipeline). Good shout re. suggestion about a summary to go with the blog post on pipeline. We want to make things as easy as possible for people to follow what we’re doing.

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