Hackney Spacebank: weeknote, w/c 15th July

Three things you need to know about this week:

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Sam, Winston and Liam have been busy recruiting for research participants through our local networks, including our friends at Hackney CVS. We are also recruiting via Facebook and Twitter. We will be measuring the effectiveness of these channels so we know where to invest our time and energy in future rounds. 

A picture paints a thousand words

Liam has been visiting all our libraries to take photos of the meeting rooms for hire. Thank you to our library colleagues for giving us access to the rooms. We will be using these photos to help promote the rooms and to test whether seeing pictures of the space encourages people to make a booking. 

Getting closer to starting the libraries build

Lead by Richard, the team finalised the MVP for the libraries booking solution. This means we can start planning the build in more detail. In the prototype phase we used a roadmap, but I’m keen to try impact mapping this time around. To shape the direction of our work over the next few months I’ll seeking involvement from the library service and other stakeholders. Fresh eyes on the product and what it means to deliver value will be of huge benefit. 

And finally…. 

We are thin on the ground next week. Three team members (including me) are on annual leave next week. Sam, Joy and Liam will be holding the fort. 

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