Hackney Re-Platforming Weeknotes Week ending: 2020-02-28

Weeknotes are a way for us to keep people informed about progress on the project. Given the technical nature of the re-platforming work we will use them to explain technical choices that we are making, including the benefit and impact of these choices. 


  • Enable housing officers to use MaT offline when there is poor mobile coverage
  • Enable Hackney to decommission Outsystems, saving £80,000 per year
  • Enable Hackney to support, develop and deploy future improvements to MaT more quickly, at lower cost


Our latest show and tell.

The team had a great combined retrospective and planning session yesterday. Thanks to the reprioritisation of DXW’s time we now have two more weeks of F’s time alongside the addition of George. That, plus help from Ana and Wayne, means we’re in a better place to deliver Tenancy and Household Check before before DXW rolls off in two weeks – as well as ensure that we have team members with the new skills they need to support and improve the work after.

We’re still powering though the non-replatforming defects. Thanks to great work from Bukky we’re starting to run out of ETRA and data-replated issues in the backlog.

We’ve created a backlog of potential future “micro-projects”. These are “epic”-scale pieces of work that bring together sets of feature requests and known issues with our digital infrastructure. This will help management prioritise everyone’s time going forward.


The team’s focus on getting T&HC over the line is the right thing to do. Once that’s done building future processes with the “data driven front end” should hopefully be a much easier task.


We’re still not 100% we’ll complete everything we’d like DXW to do before they leave in two weeks. We’re keeping a daily view on this and might have to make some tricky prioritisations.

We’re still not completely sure how the service moves forward. The whole team is due to roll off and the service is planned to move into Support around the end of March. However, there are significant items in the “micro-projects” list, such as implementing Change of Tenancy, that could provide a lot of value. There’s also the ramping-up idea of building on the excellent Benefits and Housing Needs Single View project, alongside the potential re-use of a work-tray component from a previous service to help us re-platform the Manage a Tenancy Hub off OutSystems.


Thanks to everyone who worked on the project this week – Ana, Bukky, David, Emma, F, Gill, George, Lorraine, Richard and Tuomo.  


  1. The team will work out the best way to start upskilling Ana and Wayne on the DDFE while attempting to minimise the impact on F’s time
  2. We’ll have some good conversation about the “micro-projects”
  3. The first workshop for extending “single view” for Housing services such as Manage a Tenancy will take place
  4. We’ll continue to work on bringing MaT into Support

The following people will be working on the project next week – Ana, Bukky, David, Emma, F, Gill, George, Lorraine, Richard, Tuomo and Wayne.

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