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Digital Service Weeknotes W/e 31/07

This week, productivity has been at an all-time high. We have made good progress with the ‘Adult Learning’ team, after coming away from a very well received introductory show and tell.

Following on from the feedback received from the ‘Adult Learning’ team, it became apparent that our Show & Tell may not have fully captured the benefits of their team’s valuable work.

One of the challenges we face as a team is trying to find the right message in the show & tells that rings true with all of our teams. We do understand that we may miss the mark on the odd occasion however, we are continually working hard to negate this. I am very proud of the way our team is able to take on feedback and transform that response into something that can actually underpin the thinking around a solution.

My star of the week is Jill Gander, Head of Quality & Curriculum in ‘Adult Learning’. Jill has been fully committed to our project since she became aware of it and has been instrumental in securing her team’s involvement for every ‘Adult Learning’ key touchpoint in the project lifecycle. If it wasn’t for her dedication, we would not be making half of the progress we are making currently. Thank you, Jill!

What we have achieved

We understand that with change comes it’s a fair share of challenges but we are fully committed to ensuring that we deliver on what we have set out to achieve. This week our team’s resilience has been a testimony to this mindset.

  • Adult learning demo of CMS updates |  As previously mentioned, we did face some challenges this week. Earning the trust of the Adult Learning team had previously been a challenge, however, a major turnaround happened during our demo session show causing our recent developments. Jill Gander happened to be present in that demo session. It really was encouraging to see the response from her and colleagues and receive such positive feedback on the work presented.

“One of the features we particularly like in the prototype is the option to include learner testimonials to promote each course. This is something that is really quite welcome.” (Jill Gander – Hackney Opportunities Show & Tell   -28/07/20)

  • Building our MVP database | This piece of work is in progress. We are now populating the database with courses which we are now due to advise on. As was previously mentioned, this information existed in a different part of the service but it had never been located in a centralised hub. This I’m sure will prove to be hugely helpful for the service as a whole.
  • 16-24 further developments | Having kicked off with this work recently, we have been able to start organising and documenting our findings which we aim to present to the rest of the team at the end of our current sprint.

What has been challenging

  • We are on quite a tight deadline, so we are really pushing to get our database for the MVP populated with as much current and available data on courses as possible. However, as not all the data is stored centrally and staff resource is limited at the moment, it is proving to be a bit of a treasure hunt.
  • The 16-24 NEET ‘Not in Employment Education or Training’, category still requires more cases in the upper age bracket for our team to research. If anyone in the wider audience knows of any individuals who fall into the category and would like to participate in our research for the employment industry for this particular demographic, then please get in touch with, amyrainbow@wearefuturegov.com  or tom@wearefuturegov.com

Next steps

  • Demo completed MVP so far
  • Present findings from 16-24 research
  • Get approval for our new front end design from the Hackney brand management team

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