Hackney Opportunities – What’s in it for the young people of Hackney?

Hackney Opportunities week notes W/e 17/07

In the face of an economic down turn our society still seems eager to rebuild. No where else is this more evident than with the job market, especially with young people. Despite the projected downturn at least in the job market studies show young people are keen to make a positive impact

Hackney opportunities has an offering for the 16-24 job market which, if they were being honest has always been slowly taking shape bubbling in the background. Although a physical hub currently exists and is important, its digital offering is in need of  some development. 

The requirement for a digital solution which can can offer a more streamlined user experience is just one of the challenges which needs to be explored before an ideal solution is developed. The projected impact of Covid 19 to the young people’s job market has caused an even greater challenge, resulting in an inevitable ramp up in activities to provide a targeted solution. All of these factors complemented with many more have resulted in ‘Hackney Opportunities’ bringing the discovery for the best proposed suitable digital solution to sit within the current scope of our project.  

Group of candidates from the Hackney apprenticeship scheme

What we have achieved

One of our accomplishments this week has been successfully bringing this important piece of work for the 16-24 year old market into the scope of our project. As a result this week saw us welcoming two new team members, Tom & Amy from Fruture Gov who will be helping us with the Hackney Opportunities 16-24 discovery piece. (Further achievements can be found below)

  • 16-24 employment opportunities | We kick started the scoping and work for the 16-24 offering by onboarding our product owner with the proposed plan of action over the course of the next 4 weeks. We used the opportunity to further define our proposed work streams and hash out any touch points for discussion. The actual areas of research we will be covering in our discovery are as follows; understanding young people’s needs, developing hypotheses and finally mapping out the current offer.
  • Further testing of the new features in our developed CMS | This week we have engaged with some more teams and tested some new features in our CMS using the online tool Menti
  • Mapping the as-is user journey for the Adult Learning Service | The adult learning user journey mapping exercise is now complete. We feel we have reached a place in our understanding of the ‘As-is’ which is now directly feeding into our proposal for improvement.
  • Design the process on how partners get opportunities on the platform. What are the different ways| We are currently planning the best way we can surface the new opportunities on our platform with our partners for residents. We also wish to explore how to make residents applications for these opportunities online much easier.
  • Contact ALS Partners| We have started collecting information on all the Hackney employment opportunity partners with an aim to collect these into one centralised database

What has been challenging

  • As I have mentioned in previous weeks staff leave is something which at this time of the year is un-avoidable however although being managed the impact could prove to become an issue.

Next steps

  • Lock down the MVP offering
  • Build a prototype of the MVP
  • Identify 16-24 candidates so we can begin testing with them and define the best new approach for engagement for that demographic

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