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Digital Service Weeknotes W/e 03/07

Working from home or WFH as it is also often referred to, historically has always been regarding as a “perk”, especially for those who have never had the option to do so. Visions of staying in a warm bed and pyjamas with a laptop, and frequents visits to the fridge was something to be desired. But in reality, this lockdown period has shown that for many of us, WFH has most of us working harder than ever before. Whether taking on more than we can chew and not scheduling breaks, ultimately has us working longer hours. Something about the notion of the “comfort” of WFH causes you to feel almost guilty, with an urge to want to overcompensate. Striking the balance is not always easy. (Note to self, create more pause moments in your calendar moving forward.

This week I mainly spent the time catching up with my team on any new developments and things which I might have missed whilst away

I would like to put the spotlight Scott Shirbin the FutureGov DM working in conjunction with myself in the delivery of the Hackney Employment Opportunity project. We have many stars on this project but this week my star has been Scotty for keeping everything in ship shape in my absence. In the words of DJ Trevor Nelson, “we salute you!”

Here are some of the highlights of this week:

  • New team members joining as mini product owners | Leading on from a successful mini product owner stint with Elizabeth Andrews from the ‘Adult Learning’ team we have now taken on 3 new product owners and would like to welcome Dujon Harvey, John Kurubo & Caroline Modest.
  • First show & tell| We had our first show & tell last week to the Hackney Employment Opportunities eko system. We had over 40 attendees and the main headline was presenting the project, goals and objectives. The feedback was very positive and we look forward to providing more in depth show & tells in relation to our progress moving forward.
  • Demoing the new CMS to our assigned content editors| We demoed the new wordpress CMS to our team content editors. This has been received positively by the different teams involved as this will mean they will finally be able to take ownership of editing their own content for their related pages without having to depend on one individual. This is perfect for quick editing requirements that most of our teams seem to have as it will allow for a faster turnaround.

What has been challenging

In my previous weeknotes I touched on annual leave having an impact on the turnaround of some of our deliverables. This is now starting to take effect.

Next steps

  • Kick off the 16 -24 employees opportunity work
  • Conduct resident tests and research
  • Understand how we surface the employability opportunities & learning in our new designs ‘How to videos’
  • Lockdown the shared vision statement and get this signed off

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