Hackney Digital Support Services: Weeknote, w/c 9.9.2019

Hello to the outside world for the first time… HackIT have allowed me (as one of the newbie Delivery Managers on the team), to share what I’ve been up to!

After a first week of learning all of the basics (last week), this week a good number of pieces began to fall in to place for me and allowed me to start generating some momentum for this momentous piece of work.

The project team have been brilliant in bringing me up to speed around who’s involved in what… what has got to where… and where I can find all of the key nuggets of info I need to start generating a nice rhythm in the programme of works and the projects involved inside of it.

Where we’re at…

We are at an important junction in the programme of works.

Two themes of work are almost ready to jump in to the agile cycle:

We have the Managing People Data. This has gone through the Discovery Phase and we are now gearing up to move in to prototyping. We’ve got a few questions we need to cross examine as a change in Delivery Manager and some other team changes inevitably leaves some short term knowledge gaps, no matter how well the project has been documented to date.

This week however, we made significant gains in understanding those questions, who can answer them and creating the forums for them to be answered, after which we will set up the Team for the Prototyping phase and kick off.

The other especially active piece of work we have is around Forms and Tools (We’ll think of a more exciting name at some point I’m sure).

Across the last few days, we’ve really pushed through a lot of questions and discovered lots of new ones and these questions are of the right nature that tell us that we’re ready to start the lead up to a full Discovery Stage.

This is really exciting, as we’ll be able to gain clarity we need to prototype and see how this can scale.


I really do have to give particular thanks this week to Henry and David, who have both been an absolute wealth of information and enormously supportive in helping me to pull the strands together!

I’m also really grateful to my amazing colleagues in the HackIT Delivery Team (Cate, Nic, Philippa, Emma, Susan, Jay, Felix & Soraya), who have really helped me to hit the ground running, far faster than I thought I could/would. It really is down to the team that I have been able to get started so swiftly.

Finally, I want to share my gratitude toward Paul and Kirstine, who have taken the time out of their days to help me to understand more about their roles and the Digital Support Services programme of works.

I’m very excited for the week ahead – there’s lots to do, but there’s a lot of people who are up for it!

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