Hackney Digital Support Services: Weeknote, W/C 30.09.2019

Crickey, where did September go…

Getting everything lined up and ready, that’s where.

Over the past four weeks, we’ve been assembling the component parts for some action. It somewhat reminds me of an archery tournament, where there is some time to set out all of the various tools and pieces in preparation for the event.

The arrows need to be lined up. The target and trajectory need to be considered. The bow needs to be strung.

It’s not possible to shoot or stand a chance of getting close to the target without the relevant prep work first.

Over the past four weeks, the stakeholders have been assessing what the previous discovery phases brought to our awareness and considering how we translate those findings in to something more tangible and of value.

This week, we began to ‘pull back the bow’.

We have two kick off’s in the diary now…

  • Managing People Data (Alpha)
  • Tools & Forms (Discovery)

Two teams, working on two arms of this suite of works.

Both teams have two new Product Owners and so it’s an adventurous and an ambitious prospect, but there’s a lot of competence in the space and we’re all eager to start delivering value.

We have two current working definitions of done:

“We have identified and created a process to join people data together across systems and we have used this to deliver key insights about the business.”


“We have an adequate understanding of the digital services that we need to build so that we can make a decision on what we will use to build them.”

What’s really exciting about having these definitions in place, is that these are both areas that we have explored in depth for a long time and we are now starting to get some traction and movement in to creating tangible value, in fact both Product Owners (Paul and Lisa) have been quite insistent that there are real outcomes and there is real value that is derived from these projects (I’m only too happy to oblige and facilitate).

We’ve held a number of chats, discussions and mini workshops to tease out clarity, shape the team members and decide on the structures of how the projects will flow.

Managing people data is particularly interesting, because it forms one of the HackIT experiments, so I’ll be chatting with Lisa some more to consider how we’ll measure this project output in comparison to projects that are not part of the experiments.

That’s it for this week – the coming week, we continue to pull back the bow, ready for sprint zero (on managing people data) and sprint one (on tools and forms).

Over and Out!


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