Hackney Digital Forms w/c 1st July 2019

It’s been a pretty quiet week for Digital Forms this week as most of the team have been busy on other projects. We’re definitely busy preparing for a busy time next week though.

Next week is going to be full-on. We have a workshop planned to build a consensus for what the team means by “digital forms” (we have quiet the range of views!) and whether we can work on a single product to both deliver an MVP and be able to achieve powerful long term strategic value.

Key to that will be debate around whether there are different kinds of developers. There’s been a proposal that folks that can write scripts to connect APIs between different systems are different to “full” developers who write complex business logic and develop APIs. It’s going to be an interesting discussion!

On top of both of those we’re also confirming the service design that’s been done for the potential prototypes, discussing what APIs need to be in place for those to work and getting into the examination of the market by defining our scoring criteria and starting to sort through the many potential options that are out there.

We’ll also be doing our first show and tell to describe our approach to this work so we need to be in a good shape by then. We’ll post the video in next week’s weeknotes.

Plenty to be getting one with!

2 thoughts on “Hackney Digital Forms w/c 1st July 2019”

    1. Hi Rob. Yes, we’ve been looking at a number of potential products. We’re interested in anything that generates GOV.UK Design System based front-ends. David.

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