Future Homeworking weeknote 4: w/c 31/08/20

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This week has been hard. Really hard. (Tldr; we’ve had 6 people doing the work of 15)

For the ease of not having to again repeat previous messaging about this project, last weeks weeknotes detailing the trial process and who’s involved is here:  https://blogs.hackney.gov.uk/hackit/future-homeworking-weeknote-3

One of the hard things this week has been around staff understanding the project and what we can offer and when and dealing with all the enquiries about it. So, I’ll try my best each weeknote to ensure I’m communicating this each time.  

This week, we’ve made the decision to end the trial next week. The trail teams have been contacted and asked to get their requests in by 9am Monday 14th September. If they request after this date, they’ll have to wait for when they’ll get their delivery. 

How long will depend on how the full service is rolled out. 

Something we won’t know until we’ve had our review. 

Which we’re planning next week. 


  • Responses received back = 583
  • Happy with their current set up = 9%
  • Standard offer = 70%
  • Partial offer = 47%
  • Non-standard request = 21%
  • second monitor/dual screens = 62%
  • chromebook/laptop = 32%  (we don’t have any of these in stock to give out yet people still request!) 

We are still inundated with staff requesting their own specialist equipment from the HSC. This culminated in a hugely confusing and frustrating situation on Wednesday that really, really made me like I’d failed and overwhelmed with the enormity of what we’re doing. 

However, we’ve worked with facilities and H&S on this and managed to really move this forward this week and get a process and agreement in place in who theses are dealt with. It’s not the one touch, smooth process we had hoped for due to the ways the two others teamwork, but we have something we’re able to work with, even if not ideal right now. 

This should now start moving this group of people forward and minimise the risk of it happening again. 

We’re also going to start taking requests from colleagues who don’t have their own kit – new starters/returners/those with broken kit or no longer access to kit. We need to work out how they can easily request this and how we process this at the back end too and aim to get this open by early next week. 

It sloves half of the problem, as there is still a couple week wait for delivery on our current capacity. 

Which brings us nicely onto capacity issues. The whole team has, I think particularly this week, really felt the pressure, squeeze and demand from staff more than ever and we’ve been trying our best to cover ourselves across everything as much as we can. 

This has really been a major issue. However today we have worked with Henry to understand the needs of this homeworking project, the device team BAU and also the need to support the socially distanced office space (these three pieces of work often get mashed together and confused) 

Upshot is we’ve had 6 people doing the work of 15.  Henry is now working on scaling up the number of people we have so we can deliver this service better, and none of us have a nervous breakdown. 


We’ve delivered to 253  staff so far and of the requests made before 19/08/20, which is just under 50% of the total. We’re now working on the remaining lot over the next 4 weeks (at current capacity)  

We’ve had Crown delivering for us this week as well as using the small ICT van. However, we’ve had continual reliability issues with the van the BECC have lent us and as they often need it for emergencies at short notice, this has meant 3-4 times this week, we’ve had to cancel deliveries last minute. This means we have to re-schedule and throws our entire schedule out. More importantly though, it lets staff down as it delays them getting their kit. 

We’ve now hired two large vans for the next week so we have reliability and more capacity than the ICT van. We also have Crown again, so hopefully, deliveries will really start to rollout and we can get kit to people quicker. 

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