Future Homeworking weeknote 3: w/c 17/08/20, 24/08/20

I was on leave for most of this but what became clear once I ws back was there was a lot of confusion on when and how staff can access Chromeboxes and chairs to be sent home. 

As mentioned in the last weeknote, this project is in a test phase and is not open to all members of staff just yet and only available to the following teams: 

  • Adult Social Care
  • Neighbourhoods and Housing
  • Benefits and Housing Needs
  • AntiSocial and Estate Safety
  • Planning and Building Control
  • Early Years and Early Help and Wellbeing in HLT

We’re aiming for a mid-September roll out, so please bear with us. 

Staff comms was sent round internally last week which I hope will have helped.

This project is separate from the requests for laptops and Chromebooks originally set up to help people work remotely. We are out of stock of these now and are aware of the huge gap this leaves some users – particularly new starters and those returning from long term leave. 

We’re working really hard to find short term solutions for these until the Future Homeworking project is in a place to provide long term equipment for this group. 

We’ve worked on drafting intranet content this week which we hope will go live next week on how a member of staff or manager can request kit for working remotely. 

We’ve also started first thoughts on how we’ll review this pilot when it ends in a couple of weeks – what we want to know from those who have gone through the end to end process and how we’ll find that out. 


  • Responses received back = 47% 
  • Happy with their current set up = 10% 
  • Standard offer = 23%
  • Partial offer = 46%
  • Non-standard request = 21%

It looks like the link to request equipment has been circulated to staff not in the pilot.

14% of requests received are from non-test teams. We’ve identified these as best we can and  keep these requests but we’re not going to action the delivery yet, and have contacted them to let them know. 

We have been rather inundated with staff requesting their own specialist equipment from the HSC. This has come to us due to confusion on what we can help with and when, we’ve been asked to arrange for staff to get specialist desks and other equipment from council buildings all over Hackney. We’re simply not able to do this as we don’t have the team members available and also aren’t able to access some of the buildings as they’re shut. 

We’ve worked with Health and Safety this week on a suggested process for these and are meeting Tracy and Paul in facilities next week to agree clear guidance on how these are to be dealt with and by who. 

We hope to get this resolved and clarified early next week so we can start to help those with specialist equipment access this to take home. 


We’ve delivered to 137 staff so far and of the requests made before 19/08/20, we have 189 requests left to process and deliver. 

We’ve hired an extra driver and van from Crown to help with the deliveries. This is a total of 3 drivers and 3 vans, and one of these vans isn’t big so we’re still operating at quite a small scale. 

We’re also still limited to delivering in the London area and we need to get resources that can deliver outside London as we have several requests from staff who live quite some distance away. 

We had a problem this week in one of the vans we were borrowing through the BECC has had to be returned unexpectedly as it’s needed elsewhere. This was frustrating as let to a lot of deliveries being cancelled last minute and has slowed delivery down again as left us with only 2 vans for delivery. 

We’ve not been able to analyse or process the request after this date yet due to such limited capacity of the team. 

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