Friday 1st December episode 7: We’re on the sprint home straight!

Team Catch Ups: Any thoughts of demoralisation are gone, the prototypes are in fact really good and innovative. The prototypes are very important and fully underpin the event but not the main outcome. Everyone is now considering the prototypes in the context of the project brief which is to provide the following outcomes:

Three service design patterns (apply, view, comment) showing the preferred customer journey and user experiences for a digital planning service
Evidence and validation that the service design patterns meet user needs
Commitment from suppliers to build these into their roadmaps over the next 6-12 months

All back on track. Some quite major changes now required for the viewing and commenting prototype. These are mainly structural to ensure everyone understands it’s the same web module we’re demonstrating irrespective of the was it’s initiated i.e. it the same if you launch it in a library, supermarket, at home, or just passing a Planning Notification and using a smartphone. The original demo made it look like there was only a phone app and nothing else had been considered.
The submission prototype now named PAM had more than just validated the Southwark work, the extra effort the team put in on Thursday really paid off. There was still a lot to do this morning, they were busy and timings looked tight. The timetable changed slightly to accommodate their extra design time in the morning with some early afternoon interview testing lined up.

Beavering away. Both teams were off finalising their designs. So I took the opportunity to discuss the View &~ Comment prototype with Dennis from Southwark. We are on the right path with this as Community Engagement is still very low for the younger demographic i.e. people aged less than 35. It turns out a lot of comments actually come from a people representing a group of people basically several people will discuss an application with a group of friends down the pub, or at community event or in a Facebook group set up to discuss all concerns on their street! The main thing we agreed on was to take this forward was to get a critical mass of like minded Local Authorities (Planners and Digital reps) with enough impetus and resource to club together and take this forward. Pretty much what the Evening show & tell is on Monday 11th

More Interview Testing. The PAM team held their interview testing sessions and had really good feedback. The feedback at this late stage gave the team more food for thought and the extra work needed to consider and update the prototype with time already short. Watching them you physically see the pressure they were under, but there was no procrastinating, decision, decison, decision then deigning again. A slightly shorter lunch to give us all time to prepare for more the prototypes and presentations. The seaweed looking pickled kale was okay, but I’m going to miss that quiche!

Although the submissions team were slightly behind schedule and the view \ comment , you could see both designers working full on. Presentations were now taking shape. Except hands up for volunteers a deftly silence!

Presentations: The presentations looked like starting later and later. The pressure on everyone to be ready on time was intense. I’m really glad the show & tell event was moved to the 11th, Imagine having to now present straight to the large crowd of important people this early! At the final moment we were all ready for aout short presentations and prototype demonstrations – it all came together. The prototypes looked good, the presentations got their points across and they finished spot on 5pm. There were hardly any questions at the end, I’m unsure if it’s because we’ve had so many reviews, improvement iterations and basically most have already seen them to some extend. Or could it be the next point on the agenda was the pub!

Finding the Pub. After saying some thank-yous and goodbyes, we took a scenic route to the pub, we were slightly lost and started asking for directions – we may have come across a little desperate for a drink! We all sat down with a happy sigh of relief All knowing we can have a rest for now….

Next week, presentations to finalise for the big event!

Friday 1st December
Goal for the day: Expert review and preparation of final presentation

9:00 Before final day starts proper:
Amends to prototypes as needed
FCC people only
Recap and plan for the day
Start for external members of core team
10:30 Finalising prototypes together
FCC people to present their amends made earlier
Collaboratively do finishing touches
Discuss work and process
11-11:45 Testing 1 – Dennis / Southwark
12:00 Lunch
13:00-13:45 Testing 2 – FCC person
14:00-14:45 Testing 3 – Matt / Hackney
14:30 Coffee break
14:45 Create presentation for Monday 11th
Create presentation outlining process and final concept
Finalise wireframes
Decide who is presenting
1 hour presentation
Divide and conquer…!
16.30 Final retrospective
Ask for group feedback on week process and outcome
16.45 Pub?

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