Finding support services weeknote 27/07/20

After a week of immersion in the project, Nudge (our IT Supplier) has really jumped on board with both feet. UX Designer Luke has drafted the first round of wireframes for the public-facing website and its associated admin interface*, based on the user needs we gathered both before and during our accelerated Covid-19 launch. Essentially our current service is a high-fidelity prototype that has been tested and iterated for four months and so we are in an excellent position to spec the longer-term product that Nudge is building for us. The drawing board is available for viewing but we don’t need to go back to it. 

*By the way, admin interface is a fancy term for the password-protected website where an organisation signs up or updates its listing, and where we manage those listings.

Meg and Winston are working with Luke to formulate the research plan and user-test the wires with Normal People (aka residents, VCSOs and frontline workers) next week. 

Bukky from our dev team is having daily tech standups with the Nudge team; and today we welcomed James (Nudge Delivery Manager) to our other daily standup. This is the one where we ponder things like ‘how can we get more organisations on the map?’ and ‘what’s a synonym for anxiety?’ Plus, Jordann and Annie from the City part of City and Hackney CCG are popping in weekly too as they’ll also be adding to the database.

We’re using the project management tool ClickUp to track the project and we’ll let you know how we get on with that; it’s always fun to test-drive other software. Clearly the definition of ‘fun’ has somewhat morphed in lockdown.  

Discussions are afoot with Children’s Services to ascertain how we verify organisations in their realm. This is not as easy as it sounds as community and voluntary organisations are not ‘inspected’ in a way that, say, schools are by Ofsted. In the absence of a national process, we need to understand how, for example, Hackney Council decides if an organisation that works with children is bone fide. 

On that note, Winston is busy talking to providers about getting children’s holiday activities on the map. Thanks to Young Hackney for helping us out with this. 

As ever, we can’t stop talking about the service and have shared it in the last couple of weeks via:

  • LBH Jobs newsletter
  • HCVS newsletters
  • Hackney Circle over 60s group
  • LBH food parcel recipients
  • Hackney Jobcentre advisors (Well Street initially)
  • CCG’s Mental Health Coordinating Committee

We’ve also created a roadmap of where we see this service going, longer term. 

An ‘administrator’ role will be pivotal to this project’s success and we’re working up that job description right now – hopefully with a better job title: nobody ever said ‘When I grow up I want to be an administrator’. We see this as an engagement role primarily because we need to showcase organisations and their services to health professionals, the public and each other; as well as carry out the nuts and bolts of verification of organisations. Ambitious targets will see us increasing the number of listed organisations from the current 140 to 500 by the end of the year. There are rumblings of well over 1,500 in the borough and we believe this to be an achievable number. 

There are a few directories that Find support services will replace, the principal one being iCare. The sunsetting (love that concept) of this service has begun and we have about 8 months to do a decent job of making sure that those organisations that should be carried into this new dawn, are [\end-metaphor].

As ever, get in touch via email, follow us on Twitter or read our back story on the HackIT blog

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