Finding support services weeknote 09/07/20

We’re delighted to announce Nudge Digital as our supplier to build the next phase of Find support services. As regular readers will know, this project had only been running a couple of months before Covid-19 saw us all confined to quarters. 

We accelerated its launch to a live product in response to the pandemic. And the current Find support services is the result of that pedal to metal approach. BUT it was never intended to be the end product. There’s so much more to do to take this from Minimum Viable Product to Optimum Viable Product, for example:

  • analytics on what people are looking for (we can’t get them at the moment as the map is an iFrame – it looks like it’s part of the Hackney website but it’s not)
  • integration between the list view and map view and the addition of filters (eg show me everything across all categories that’s for families)
  • a proper admin interface not a Google Sheet so voluntary organisations can manage their own content
  • auto-prompts to voluntary organisations to update their content so we don’t have to ring them (much as we love to chat)
  • a front-end with editorial real estate so we can generate talking points around the content and service
  • an API so this data can be shunted anywhere

This is a really exciting time for us. Products often never make it past MVP and we’re aiming high with our OVP. From early intros, Nudge will be excellent collaborators in getting us to A Great Place. 

In other news, we’ve been unashamedly promoting the map anywhere and everywhere. We’ve had nearly 13,500 unique visitors to the webpage since launch, roughly half being members of the public and the rest health professionals and other voluntary organisations. 88% of users even rated 3/5 stars (not bad for a prototype!).

One of the top three categories is ‘Food’ and we have 41 organisations of varying sizes providing food options across the borough. We’ve been working with the food team (Lisa-Raine Hunt, Zoe Tyndall and Kate Wignall) to make sure we invite all food organisations we can to join the map so we can continue to provide options as the delivery service winds down.

Other data sets we’d like to include are where to book a computer and free wi-fi hotspots. The latter isn’t restricted to Council spaces such as libraries but also coffee shops, pubs, theatres and other businesses. Which, after all, need all the drop-ins they can get right now.

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