Finding Support Services Weeknote – 15/6/20-22-6/20

What’s been happening on the Find Support Services project over the last couple of weeks… in bullet-point form…

NOTE: There has been an overuse of the words ‘we’ and ‘are’ in this weeknote!

IT development

  • We are currently in the process of deciding on an IT supplier for further development work on the map – we will be looking to commence the work with them mid-July – exciting times ahead!
  • Last week we decided added a filter option to the map to make it easier for those using it to find what they are looking for, however, after testing we decided that it was confusing and have now decided to remove it from the map- we will be looking at ways to re-introduce this in a better way in the next few sprints.  


  • We are continuing to add organisations to the map with a total 131 to date, and are now going a step further by following these organisations on Twitter as a mutual way to share and update information. 
  • Keeping the momentum up with getting new VCSOs on the map. We are attending Hackney CVS’s Children, Young People, Maternity and Families network meeting on Thursday (thanks Kristine) 
  • We are also using Twitter to continue building a community of ‘good practice’ with those listed on the map. As part of this, we have introduced a new way to highlight the great work that voluntary and community organisations are doing to support Hackney residents during this difficult time. It’s called ‘Spotlight’ – see here!
  • As mentioned in our previous week-note, we have trialled different ways of contacting organisations as a way to confirm that their information is up to date. We started with ‘phone calls’ and had an 83% response rate, the following two weeks we used ’email’ and had a response rate of 30%. We decided to continue with another week of emails to compile more data and see if we have a consistent trend. Most organisations responded within 2 days and so on the 3rd day, we decided to send a reminder email – this increased responses by a further 10%. 
  • This week we will be trialling Twitter. Twitter was not the preferred method of communication for any of the organisations, and there are a number of organisations on the map that do not hold a Twitter account. However, we are going to try it with a small group to see what we get back.
  • We are continuing our work around understanding how we can engage those harder to reach groups, and have recently been able to add an additional three organisations to the map who cater to the Orthodox Jewish community. There is still a way to go with this, but we are hopeful this will increase in the near future. 

Marketing and Communications

  • We are working with the Integrated Care Systems Comms & Engagement Leads to ensure the map is part of the COVID-19 recovery communications strategy (rather than develop our own!) 
  • We are in the process of designing leaflets that provide Find Support Services information for volunteers to pass on to residents when running errands for them (e.g. dropping off prescriptions). We hope this will drive further traffic to the map and get residents the support they need. 
  • Finally we are exploring how and if Find Support Services could be the go-to directory of service within the Council (instead of iCare, for example). Discussions have commenced with Adult Social Care but there are a lot of considerations for us to work through (including ensuring it meets the Health and Social Care Act). Watch this space. 
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