Finding support services near me: weeknote 06/02/20

(formerly ‘Directory of Services’)

Posted on behalf of Lucy Clifton

Welcome to the latest ‘Finding support services near you’ week(ish)notes!

Things we’ve done since our last update on 24/01:

Loaded all the Well Street organisations into the MiDoS database in preparation for user testing.

We’ve been solidifying the process, working with HCVS (Hackney Community and Voluntary Service) on the detail.

Designing a sustainable solution:
– Started to scope the digital upskilling piece to help organisations – how might organisations make better use of websites and social media, e.g. to promote their services?
– Drafted a business plan outlining post-launch support and maintenance requirements as well as any associated running costs going forward.

It’s worth acknowledging the various and ongoing discussions that take place, sometimes as part of ,and sometimes in parallel to, the more standard ‘tasks’ or ‘activities’. Insight gleaned from continual engagement is really valuable and helps build the shared understanding of how this work fits in with other projects and initiatives (both planned and in train) across the system. So, thank you!

Things we’re going to do next:

– Get access to the out-the-box MiDoS front-end (ie before we design/build our own).
– Start to configure the basic functionality ready for user testing eg search/browse

Clarify the MiDoS account management process.

User testing:
User testing of the front-end with residents; and back-end with organisations to understand how easy they are to use.

Thanks for reading and for your ongoing support!

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