Finding Support Services – Weeknote 1/9/20

Where we’re at…


We recently ran a show and tell and demonstrated the prototypes (fancy name for a website in progress) created by Nudge Digital on the admin interface and resident-facing website. We received positive feedback and are going full speed ahead! We’ve since signed off the prototypes, and they’re currently being developed by the Nudge dev team.


We’ve opted for a subdomain to house this website, at, and that has now been set up. We’ll be working with the City team on creating a vanity URL, (or something similar), that can be displayed on all City of London comms, but the end-user will be forwarded onto our website (clever, huh?).

The Find support services tool itself will sit within a website that uses the Hackney WordPress theme (see the theme in action on the Hackney Museum site). A staging site has been set up, so we can crack on with the build, this will allow us to see how things look and feel before we commit them to the live site. 

We had sprint planning with Nudge yesterday, and we’re still looking at a mid-October launch. 

Working Together

As you’ll know from our previous weeknotes, there are a lot of similar products in development, so we’ve made it our aim to network with people and see what’s in the works as a way of minimising duplication of effort. We’re having weekly catch-ups with the Front Door team in Customer Services, who are building a tool that will ultimately use our data as part of the suite of options open to customer service agents answering residents’ queries. 

We’re also collaborating outside of City and Hackney. We ran a demo of our work with the North East London Social Prescribing Team and, as a result, we are exploring if and how they could scale our infrastructure across their jurisdiction to form part of their social prescribing platform. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!


We’ve reviewed the categories and demographic filters and decided to make some changes based on the feedback received by our end users. These changes will be implemented on the new site. 

We’re getting ready for our service assessment on the 15th September. Service assessments aim to help teams create and deliver good public services. Intrigued? Find out more here.

Where we’re going…


One of the additional features on the new website is mini descriptions for each category. This means that where an organisation says it has activities in a particular category, they will need to write a short description of it. For example, anyone searching for food and meals will see exactly what the organisation offers around this category. We aim to engage with organisations in the near future to start gathering this information. 

Leaflets advertising Find support services have gone out to food delivery services in the borough, and we’re in the process of getting posters that will go up in estates, parks and hopefully Morrison’s supermarket!

We continue to engage with our organisations on Twitter and share the amazing work they are doing. We have also posted our most recent Spotlight On. Please do like and share it if you have Twitter – thanks!)! 


Though our business model seeks to reduce overhead and maintenance as much as possible (and considerably more than your average directory), the service can’t actually run itself. Going forward, we need someone to manage this product and are working with HR to get that job spec in tip-top shape. Colleagues from Public Health, City and the Integrated Care Partnership will help us get it advertised! With the launch scheduled for October, we may need a stopgap, and we’ll be looking to get a redeployed member of staff to run the service just in case. Who knows, maybe they’ll like it so much they’ll want to stay!

That’s all this week folks – any questions do get in touch.

Find Support Services Team


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