Extending Repairs Hub to RCC Agents

It’s been 4 weeks since Repairs Hub went live in the RCC with agents raising new repairs and answering queries about existing repairs. Agents have successfully used it to raise more than 800 new repairs. In the last month we have had the chance to add improvements based on the initial feedback from RCC agents.

Key improvements include:
– ability to cancel repairs
– improved cautionary contact alerts
– improved workflow with a direct link from the NCC app to Repairs Hub
– support for additional SOR codes (including ‘out of hours’ codes)
– resolved a bug concerning priorities in DRS
– adding name of officer who raised the repair
– limiting repair description to 250 characters (to make sure everything goes through to DRS)

We are also currently finishing work on:
– adding multiple SOR codes (DLO only)
– tagging a repair as ‘recharge’

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