Extending Repairs Hub to RCC Agents

The Repairs Hub has now been actively used for over 2 weeks in the Repairs Contact Centre and the agents have successfully used it to raise 500 repairs so far. During the last week, we’ve implemented some changes based on what we’ve learned from users during this time.

Improvements made in the latest release:

Added link from the NCC (CRM) app directly to the property page in Repairs Hub – there’s no more need to search twice for the same address

Added support for further SOR codes when raising repairs

Description for new repairs is now limited to 250 characters (and we’ve added a handy character counter)

Resolved issue with assigning ‘gas breakdown’ jobs to ‘gas servicing’ – they should come through correctly now

Added alert for agents to not book an appointment for immediate and emergency jobs

Added ‘raised by’ on works order page to display the name of agent who raised the repair

We’re now going into our last week and planning to make a few more eagerly awaited improvements. We will hold our last Show & Tell on Tuesday 9th July at 10:30 in the ground floor meeting room at the Florfield depot. Come join us there!

Link to Sprint 6 Show and Tell Slides

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