Extending Repairs Hub to RCC Agents

The Repairs Hub (RCC) team has been hard at work, preparing to launch the app to production and aiming to raise first live repairs with the initial RCC users next week. We have managed to resolve the main issues that have been bugging us for some time and are now polishing off the last bits to make sure everything is as ready as possible. We’ve been working on:

Increasing the number of SOR codes that we can support

The Repairs Hub app initially aims to support all SOR codes produced by KeyFax. We have mapped those codes directly to relevant suppliers (DLO or external), so that the RCC agents don’t need to worry about doing that manually.

Testing end-to-end with Sean from DLO

We wanted to make sure that jobs raised in Repairs Hub and booked through DRS will be correctly displayed on the mobile devices used by the DLO through 1st Touch. When testing with Sean we were able to successfully raise a repair, get it through to 1st Touch and then receive the work order report (PDF document) after the job was marked as completed.

A new repair is now logged against the actual user rather than ‘Hackney API’

This problem was much tougher to crack than we initially thought, but we’ve managed to make it work! Every repair is now logged correctly to the RCC agent using the system.

UX changes based on initial user testing with RCC agents

We have now made it more obvious which property you’re looking at and which property you’re raising a repair against in order to avoid potential mistakes. Further user stories based on user feedback have been added to the backlog.

Talking to the NCC CRM team about using their app to manage contact details

We were hoping that we would be able to use the NCC app to find and manage tenant’s contact details as well as log general enquiries. Further conversations this week, however, indicated that this might lead to potential problems when monitoring performance of the NCC team through Qlikview. We’ll need to address this question next week and find a solution that works for everyone.

Preparing for live deployment

We will deploy the latest changes to production in the next few days and are currently making sure everything will work properly, including the tricky Keyfax integration. We are also setting up accounts for an initial group of 10 RCC agents that will act as early adopters of the new system. There are some additional tasks on the ‘to-do’ list for live deployment, but we’re confident that we’ll be able to raise the first few live repairs with the new system next week.

Join us at our Show & Tell on Tuesday (14th) at 10:30am at the Florfield Depot (meeting room next to legal disrepair). As we’re almost at the end of the budget for this phase of the project, this might be our last one for now!

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