Directory of services (now ‘Finding support services near you’) weeknote 20/11/19

This project is looking at how a digital approach can encourage the voluntary health and social care sector to connect with people who need their services. We’re exploring a couple of options that answer this user need:

  1. a searchable database of voluntary organisations
  2. upskilling the organisations themselves so that their own digital presence informs end users

We are building on the good work achieved during the Discovery phase of the past few months; and the next phase will continue to run along Agile principles and user-centred design. This may be a new way of working for stakeholders but we hope they’ll come along for the duration. For the unfamiliar, our approach means that:

– We place the user at the heart of what we do. Not managers. Not budget holders. Not the most senior person in the room. But the people who are going to be using the service. 

– We do as much as we need to do to get to the next step. We don’t plan out a project from end to end and work through it. We accept change, we learn, we adapt.

This is the abridged version for the time-poor. Please read the HackIT Manifesto in full if you’re at a loose end and need an excuse for a Garibaldi.

We will meet with relevant stakeholders when specific issues within their area of expertise arise and need to be discussed. Our governance primarily comes from weeknotes, show and tells and service assessments.

All weeknotes (where we air our triumphs and challenges) will be published here; stakeholders will be invited to give feedback at face-to-face show and tells; and we will have a service assessment with assessors where we more formally demonstrate and defend how we’ve delivered. And, as an NHS collaboration, there are no doubt other boards and reviews which we will need to update.

We’ll keep this first weeknote short and sweet. Future versions will be published here and on LocalGov Digital’s Pipeline.

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