Digital connectivity: update 18/06/2020

Full fibre wayleave for social housing

This is about agreeing a master wayleave with broadband providers to get full fibre connections installed to our housing stock (c. 33,000 homes), so that residents can access high speed broadband services. The wayleave is a legal permission to install cabling and equipment in Council properties. We want to bundle this with requirements to deliver comprehensive coverage across the borough (connecting a high proportion of homes) and to support social value initiatives to improve digital inclusion.


  • We have now virtually finished a first draft of the wayleave (the legal stuff). The elements we still need to finalise are the ‘constraints’ (requirements around working safely/responsibly in our buildings) and the social value asks. We should be able to share this with broadband providers soon to seek their views. Thanks to Georgia and Michael for their help with this.
  • Henry has worked out a pathway to getting the wayleave agreed and signed off under delegated powers, with fairly light-touch governance. Hopefully this means we can get this over the line sooner rather than later, so residents can start to benefit from new connectivity.
  • The Resident Safety team have done a huge amount of work getting documentation prepared – fire risks assessments and asbestos reports –  to share with providers ahead of site surveys. Many thanks to Donna and the team.  We need to think about how we can manage this kind of work sustainably going forward.

Priorities for the next week/s

No change here. We still need to make progress on:

  • Getting social value asks agreed with the relevant Cabinet Members.
  • Resource planning – understanding the resources we will need to support the roll-out, and who will do what. Once we have the wayleave agreed we should be able to unlock some funding from providers to help us manage the work.
  • Thinking about how we work with providers to progress site surveys.
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