DevOps Practices Weeknotes w/c 05.08.19

What’s happened since last time?

Since July we have been busy preparing the ground for the first alpha / prototype phase of the DevOps practices work. 

At the end of discovery we had 5 hypotheses to test with various teams in HackIT. We’re beginning with these two:

  • “Adopting a consistent approach to containerisation will make it easier and more efficient to develop, test and (re)deploy services”
  • “Picking a primary cloud supplier will save time & money”

We have grouped the other 3 hypotheses into 2 further alpha/ prototype phases, which will be carried out later in the year. We chose to do this to make sure that we were not overloading busy teams now. This will also give us the flexibility to have different people involved in different parts of the work.

Following DMT discussions they have decided that one of them should be responsible for this work as a product owner. Involvement from a suitable product owner was also a recommendation from our discovery assessment. 

For this alpha / prototype Cate will be taking on this role. In discovery we spoke a lot about how ‘DevOps’ approaches will be as much a cultural change as a technology one. Given Cate’s responsibilities in this area this fits really well.

So what’s happening next?

Next week we are kicking off again in earnest. We will be running workshops to learn more about the current situation of containerisation and deployment in HackIT. 

We will first focus on the work the API-Factory team have been doing in this area. After that we will look at what other colleagues have been developing/testing/thinking about.

By having these workshops and conversations we hope to be able to answer the questions of: 

  • what are the details of our current approach to containerisation and why? 
  • what is HackIT’s future ambitions in this space?

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to be involved in these next steps.

What has happened so far on the DevOps practices project?

For those of you who have joined HackIT since the last update or who didn’t follow the DevOps practices project before (shame on you!) so far on the DevOps practices project we have completed our discovery. 

In this work we are working alongside an agency called Digi2al. During the discovery we were able to build an understanding of the issues that affected our ability to deliver and maintain fantastic products. Here is the link to DevOps practices on pipeline. Our show and tells slides are in the comments.

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