DevOps Practices – w/c 09/09/19

The deployment pipeline that we will test during this prototype phase

This week there have been two focuses. The main one is planning how we will test our containerisation hypothesis with two teams who are working to replatform their products. Our other focus has been to build on the work we did last week in order to start to think about what framework we might use for evaluating a primary cloud supplier. 

Deployment Pipelines

This week we have been in discussions with the Manage a Tenancy team and the My Rent Account team who are both about to start replatforming their products. We are going to work with the HackIT developers in these teams to develop a deployment pipeline for the work that they are carrying out. 

This deployment pipeline will build on the work that has already been done by the API-Factory but with a greater focus around containerisation. We are going to use the replatforming of Manage a Tenancy to test that the approach works and then test if it is re-usable with My Rent Account. 

This work has built on the discussion that we have had over the last few weeks. From those discussions JJ has put together a proposed structure for the pipeline, which we have been validating with stakeholders (pictured). For the time being we are proposing separating our Terraform infrastructure from our applications but this is something that we may consider bringing together as we develop our skills.  

We have started to pull together a list of needs for various roles from a deployment pipeline and we are getting people from across HackIT to feed into it. This list of needs will inform our approach over the coming needs as the rubber hits the road and we start to test our hypothesis on containerisation in earnest. 

Evaluating a Primary Cloud Supplier

We are building on the next steps from the workshop the week before last to start to think about how we will identify the right primary cloud supplier for HackIT. To help with this Ciaran has pulled together a list of questions for us to answer focusing on (in no particular order): connectivity, skills, costs, technology, and other general considerations. 

Once we have started to answer those questions we will be in a position to know where we need further investigations of user needs and technology and where we are okay. I also spoke to Rob about the work that was done on ‘Next generation productivity’, this is a procurement approach that we are looking to emulate for picking a primary cloud supplier. 

Next steps

This week we will be breaking down the tasks that need to be carried out to build the pipeline for delivery. We will be holding further discussions around our cloud approach and we will be speaking to Applications teams about why containerisation is relevant to them and the work they do.  

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