Developing a single view of businesses

Businesses often complain that public bodies provide a fragmented set of services that makes it harder and more expensive to comply with legislation. Depending on its trade or industry and its size a business may have very little need to transact with the council, or may do so frequently for various licences, permits as well as offering apprenticeship opportunities to local people.

Hackney has curated a ‘Citizen Index’ for over ten years which takes data from our major business applications and matches it to create a unique record of each citizen. This enables us to provide more accurate business intelligence and verify some customer requirements.

We decided to take the same approach to join up services for businesses. If we took the data about the tax businesses pay the council (non domestic rates) and the licences they’ve requested, we could match those to create a single view of transactions.

Steve Farr, who led the work, explains how we’ve done this in a series of posts:

An introduction to Business Index

Understanding user needs

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