Delivering HackIT’s homeworking service – Devices: weeknote 7 w/c 13/07/20, 20/07/20, 27/07/20

So, after a bit of a hiatus to work on the DfE project, we’re back and cracking on with quite a lot of things. 

We’re now got a few people off with leave but the strands of work are pulling together to help support the next iteration of our homeworking offer, which you can read about here: Future Homeworking project: weeknote 1

Mobile phones: 

This process is now working really well. Colleagues can only request replacement phones (lost/stolen/faulty/broken) now and if they require a new phone (new starter, or existing staff member who didn’t have one before) this needs to be requested  and discussed on a service level. This has been happening and the phones issued are distributed through the already existing distribution sessions. 

We’re now working on how we manage these mobile phone estates across all teams and what we need to do and understand in order to do this.  

Grab and Gos:

This work has felt really stop and start over the past few weeks, due to several reasons and external priorities. However, we have made great progress on this these past few weeks. We have now identified who has the vast majority of the Grab and Go devices and these are now all uploaded and logged in our Asset Register. We contacted 943 users and we’ve now only got 24 that we need to locate. 

This unfortunately did take a hundred or so devices needing to be fully locked and managers contacted before the user contacted us to tell us they needed it, after not responding to previous requests. 

We received approx 30 back and most of these went back into circulation before our stocks ran out and a couple were faulty and have been sent for repair. 

Work on finding the missing 24, understanding why users didn’t respond and also understanding from Temple how the auto locking system works and is managed is now happening. 

Asset Management:

We’ve not got going on really understanding our process so we have a thorough overview of our assets and stock levels. 

We had a couple of attempts at ordering a thing that didn’t go well. This was done before a clear process was drawn up and decided, and led to mistakes and details not being checked as they should. We are now close to getting this done and agreed so won’t happen again. 

Once we get all the Grab and Go data in we’ll be able to fully understand our stock levels, and where all our Chrome devices are. 

This work will then help the Future Homeworking project understand which staff have what when this new iteration of homeworking provision is rolled out. 

Requests and distribution: 

These are still happening and running smoothly. The session now cover laptops, chargers, mobile phones, dongles and some fobs on behalf of the Apps Management team that are needed for two step authentication and can’t be done via a phone. 

The equipment request googleform has now been closed as requests for these are now going to be superseded through the Future Homeworking work

We now have approx 20 Linux machines left to distribute, so these will probably end in the next week or so. 

Once the Linux machines are gone, we’re aiming to clause the device request form. Again, requests for devices for home use, will be superseded by the Future Homeworking process and the remaining items available though the form (chargers) will move back to Ivanti. 

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