Day 3: Building a prototype

10am is a nice leisurely start, being an early bird it’s giving me the time to keep the business as usual activities ticking over and stop the emails from getting out of hand. It’s also good to start the day with a recap of the previous, especially the HMWs (how might we). This time we started discussing the personas most relevant to our chosen process and how they would really like to interact.

Wireframing was a good discussion and the jotting down of more even notes on the way to drawing some actual picture of what the the prototype should start to look like. This stage was really about iterating each step until we all reached a consensus. Once we had some consensus the wireframe sketches were started. After more and more discussion and re-iterations the mock up sketches were sufficiently detailed and ready for the designer and tech expert to run with.

Balsamiq was the prototyping tool of choice for our team working on our prototype. The designers went off on their way, but as a team of four, two of us started work on Friday’s presentation, the precursor to the Big Show & Tell session on Monday 11th December.

The pace of work is intense everyone is fully concentrating on each task and at intervals we re-convened to clarify any inconsistencies and unclear points. I have no idea what tool the other team chose, I think it was due to Vanessa (UI \ UX designer) using the existing Camden tools.

A quick run through and we were ready for a live prototype demonstration with FCC experts whom hadn’t been involved to date. With their fresh views there were again many more comments to take into consideration. We did find out that QR codes are like Marmite, they really divide opinion. Technically they’re great for linking information (massive in China) but on the other hand as they need an app to be used, nowadays hardly anyone uses them.This time the feedback was more than influencing the content but being specific about what worked and what didn’t and apparently a lot didn’t. Our prototype demo had to start somewhere and we chose someone using a smartphone and viewing a Planning site as they walked past. This didn’t set the context correctly and therefore raised many questions about it being on a phone and what about other options i.e the QR codes, links from correspondence and all other initiation routes which we had considered. The demonstration was also in front of the whole core team (anyone not involved in wireframing) therefore this time round there were many many more sticky tabs to review in yet another iteration for tomorrow!

Wednesday 29th November – Wireframing and prototyping

Goal for the day: Reminding ourselves who we are designing for, start of wireframing/prototyping session


Agenda Item

Additional notes


Coffees and networking


Presentation/plan for the day

•Recap, especially the HMW


Recap personas

•Teams to look again at the persona they are designing the idea for

•What experience do participants want to create for the personas – Template


Wireframing session

•Teams to start creating wireframes, starting with quick sketches but potentially moving into a prototyping tool




Prototyping – Animating the wireframes 1

•Pick the right tools

•Divide and Conquer if necessary

•Stitch together

•Trial Run




Prototyping – Animating the wireframes 2

•Pick the right tools

•Divide and Conquer if necessary

•Stitch together

•Trial Run


Sharing / feedback session

•FCC team to feedback to core sprint team

•Everyone who didn’t participate in wireframing to feedback

Maybe second developer / tech person to drop in? TBD?


Retrospective: what do we know, what more do we need to know, what do we prioritise tomorrow?


Wednesday session close

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