Creating a Job Description Register weeknotes – Week commencing 10/06/2019

Good afternoon all,

This week:

  • As part of one our User Research activities, we’ve contacted other councils to find out and understand their Job Evaluation process and how they store/manage their Job Descriptions. We have received a good response from the councils and they are willing to work with us. We’ll be collecting this information through phone interviews.
  • Ahead of these phone calls, we have prepared some questions to ask the councils with different scenarios: ownership, control, access, storage, versioning etc.
  • We have started working on the end of the discovery phase checklist to ensure we’ve met the objectives of a discovery phase. The checklist is based on the Hackney Agile Life cycle.

Next week:

  • We’ll analyse the information collated from other council and learn what they are doing better.
  • We will be working with Rahma Mohamed who will assess the work we have done so far from the service design point of view and provide suggestions on the next phase of the project.

Thank you for reading.

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