Coronavirus Front Door Project – Weeknote 16/09

I’m a few days late with getting this out but here it is! 

Sadly, this is the last Coronavirus Front Door project weeknote (for now at least…) which means we’ve said goodbye to Andy, Kyle, Maysa and Siobhan. It’s been great working with them and to see all the great work they’ve done over the past couple of months and I’ve learnt loads from them! 

What did we do? 

Our focus was on improving conversational prompts, both by acting on research and by releasing new features. Sam conducted research to get feedback on the new conversational prompts and outlined next areas to research (nicely captured on this User Research Knowledge board). One area we are interested in understanding better is the customer experience of contacting the helpline and this is something we’d be interested in finding more about when we develop the Front Door further.

Andy, Kyle and Maysa continually iterated the conversational prompts feature throughout the week and we now believe it can add significant value for call agents when they’re speaking with residents. Agents can type in ‘housing’ or ‘coronavirus’ and see prompts which we believe will support them to have strengths-based conversations when talking to residents.   

The tool now has 

  • Prompts for over 100 topics 
  • Auto-complete search function to make it easier for users 
  • A drop down option in the search function to also make it easier for users to quickly find a topic 

We want your help to improve our initial conversational prompts! It is super easy to iterate and add prompts to the tool – via our database stored on Airtable. We will be asking for input from professionals across the council to improve our first drafts. If you’d like to input into our prompts then email me on –

As this phase ends, we’re really pleased that agents now have tools which enable them to record resident information, prompt them to have strengths-based conversations, highlight resident needs and easily find appropriate services in the community. 

Final show and tell 

The slides from our final show and tell of the phase can be here. Thanks to those who attended – apologies for the technical/audio difficulties at the end! 

Next steps 

  • Our product lead Siobhan did excellent work to set out future areas of work to develop the tool. Over the coming weeks we’ll need to plan what the priority functionality for developing the tool – both to understand how it can be continue to be improved to support call agents on the helpline and to understand how the tool can be used by other services
  • We will also need to plan how to align our tool with Find Support Services to ensure that we are pulling data from their API once it is set up 
  • Welfare calls – it’s been great to have the support of Annalivia in Customer Services to make 8 test welfare calls to residents who need to self-isolate. We’ve taken the learning from those initial calls to improve our approach ahead of the full rollout of welfare calls to residents next Monday (21st September)
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