Change Support Team – Weeknote 28/08

Welcome to the second Change Support Team weeknote! 

What progress did we make this week? 

Coronavirus Front Door 

  • Completed research on which design for conversational prompts in the Snapshot tool we should prioritise for releasing to agents
  • Began work to deliver our Design #2 of conversational prompts to add to the Snapshot tool – planning to release next week 
  • Completed observational research with Helpline staff to understand their barriers when talking to a resident on the phone
  • Identified points-of-contact in several council services for the 3111 agents to engage with to support resident’s on the phone – however this is still proving challenging!

Public Health 

  • Received a positive response on our proposal to embed and test behavioural science principles into our local test and trace efforts 
  • Started drafting prompts for our talented 3111 agents on ‘welfare calls’ for residents who need to self-isolate.

Harvard Behavioural Insights Group (BIG) Mentoring Program 

  • Joined the launch of Harvard University’s pilot program that advises behavioural design teams within governments 
  • Grateful (and shocked!) to find out that we were selected to be mentored by Professor Cass Sunstein, one of the most influential and leading scholars on behavioural economics and public policy 

What’s gone well? 

  • Important work in progressing how we partner with Public Health to support the Council’s response to Coronavirus 
  • Feedback from stakeholders on Snapshot tool + conversational prompts has been positive and we think it could add real value to multiple service areas
  • Good intro calls with the Waste Management team 

What’s been challenging? 

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of different council services. In trying to get points-of-contact for Helpline staff it has been tricky to define what support some internal services can offer to residents and also to know where their service ‘offer’ ends and another service starts 

Star of the team? 

  • Annalivia Ryan on the Coronavirus Support helpline has been great this week in working calling back local residents who have told us they need help and for helping us trial out ‘welfare calls’ to residents who need to self-isolate.

What are we focusing on next week? 

  • Start work to summarise work on Coronavirus Front Door before the current phase ends on 11th September 
  • Revisit work with the Cross Directorate Hoarding Steering Group to support their efforts in improving the customer experience of residents with hoarding disorder 

What we’ve been reading

Thanks! Chris, Jun and Zoe

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