Change Support Team Weeknote – 21/08

The Change Support Team are now doing weeknotes – keep an eye out for updates on our project and how we’re developing as a team. 

What progress did we make this week? 

  • Coronavirus Front Door – Friday’s show and tell link
    • Released the latest functionality for tools for Coronavirus helpline advisors. This combined the agent’s admin tool – I Need Help – with the Snapshot tool allowing agents to capture resident information and find resources in one tool.
    • Set out priorities for final weeks of the project.
    • Researched conversation prompts – please complete our survey!
  • King’s Park Moving Together 
    • We have a draft report from our pro-bono urban designers – summarising key approaches to increasing active environments and designs and drawings for how these could be implemented in King’s Park. Our urban designers are Italian, and it’s August, which means they’re on holiday for a month… but when they get back we’re going to turn the report into a map guiding a walking tour of the ward.
    • We’ll use this as the basis for a meeting with the project oversight board in mid-September, and see then what scope there is to implement some of the ideas. A nice extra element of the project which we’re considering is making the walking tour map available to the project team so that they’re able to lead tours by other stakeholder groups and community members. 
  • Public Health 
    • In collaboration with the City of London, we have designed behaviourally-informed messages for A/B testing on social media to encourage people to wear face coverings indoors and get tested if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. We are particularly excited to test the identifiable victim effect. If messages specify who may be impacted by your actions, will more people comply with public health guidance? 
    • We pitched four ideas to the Public Health team for local Test & Trace efforts. We received encouraging feedback, so we look forward to building a concrete action plan to run a small pilot.  

What’s gone well? 

  • Coronavirus Front Door show and tell – we got good engagement from different services and with some potential opportunities to pilot the Snapshot tool across the Council 
  • With that project it also feels like we’ve got into a better rhythm of work – although this took some time this wook was nicely bookended by planning at the start and a show and tell and functionality release at the end
  • Positive first interaction with Waste Management team

What’s been challenging? 

  • A challenge this week has been spending time on Change Support Team tasks with project work keeping us busy

Star of the team? 

This week’s star is Andy Carr from FutureGov – Andy is great to work with and has spent huge amounts of time with our users in Customer Services this week. 

What are we focusing on next week? 

  • Capturing the Change Support Team’s work so far – drafting a template for how we present our projects  
  • Getting a better understanding of what large project will be the focus of the team’s work next

What we’ve been reading 

Lewis Goodall’s piece on A Level results fiasco – good reminder about what poor implementation of technology looks like, especially when policy makers are too disconnected from individuals’ experiences 

Thanks! Chris, Jun and Zoe 

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