Change Support Team – Weeknote 11/9

Welcome to our latest weeknote!

What progress did we make this week? 

Coronavirus Front Door 

  • We completed this phase of the Coronavirus Front Project with a final show and tell showcasing our latest research as well as the newest features to the Snapshot tool. 
  • Sam conducted research to get feedback on the new conversational prompts and outlined next areas to research – at present, we haven’t really researched the customer experience of using the helpline, and this is potentially something we look into over the coming weeks
  • Speaking of conversational prompts, Andy, Kyle and Maysa continually iterated this aspect of Snapshot throughout the week and we now think it’s in a position to add significant value for call agents when they’re speaking with residents.  
    • As this phase ends, agents now have tools which enable them to record resident information, prompt them to have strengths-based conversations, highlight resident needs and easily finding appropriate services in the community. 
    • Also, the prompts are stored in an application called Airtable and are organised by tag. As Airtable is easy to update it means that we can continally change the existing prompts and add new ones, making the tool incredibly flexible and easy to adapt to the needs of the current users, as well as future users too (if the tool is adapted for use by other council services)
  • Siobhan, the team’s Product Lead from Futuregov, did excellent work to set out future areas of work to develop the tool. 
  • Although this project has been tough at times it’s been great to work with talented people from across Customer Services, HackIT, Futuregov and Madetech and to deliver value for advisors on the Coronavirus Helpline

Public Health 

  • We’ve made progress on creating prompts for our upcoming welfare calls. We’re looking forward to integrating this with the new conversation prompt tool that the team is developing.

Kings Park Moving Together

  • We have now finalised the report on this project with our partners at Autonomy, proposing a range of changes to public space to encourage active lifestyles in Kings Park ward. The report looks great – we’ll share once it’s gone to the project oversight board next week. 

What’s gone well? 

  • It’s been a really nice week for sharing and learning from our partners at other councils. In thinking about how we evolve the 3111 Coronavirus helpline we’ve spoken to colleagues at Haringey, Islington and Camden in the last two weeks – amazing how helpful it is. 
  • We’ve been able to create more opportunities to come together as a team (even though we are still remote). We had our first afternoon working session, and are also working on our first team project where we all have a part to play in supporting the welfare calls. 

What’s been challenging? 

We have a great plan to share the KPMT report with the oversight board by taking them on a walking tour of the ward next week, so we could look at concrete (literally at points) examples of where we could make the changes. Unfortunately the new coronavirus restrictions mean we’re… back to Google Meet. 

Star of the team? 

Andy (FutureGov) Kyle and Maysa (MadeTech) were joint winners for delivering so much value in the last few days of the coronavirus front door project

What are we focusing on next week? 

  • From 21st September, the Coronavirus Support helpline will be making outbound welfare calls to residents who need to self-isolate including helping them to make a plan for how to manage in self-isolation. Before the 21st launch we need to ensure that we further test and get feedback on the call script; brief 3111 agents on the format of these calls; and plan reliably track performance data on the calls. 
  • We have a good opportunity next week to showcase the Snapshot tool to colleagues across the health and care system. We’ll be presenting Snapshot at the MECC Steering Group on Tuesday 

What we’ve been reading 

  • Reimagining Help guide that applies insights from the field of behaviour change research to help people reach their goals in a way that feels right for them.

Bit of a stretch to claim any of us has read it, but I went to the launch zoom of this report Welfare 5.0 by Hillary Cottam which was fascinating

Thanks! Chris, Jun and Zoe

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