Benefits & Housing Needs Service Redesign Project – Sprint Notes 4: Manic March

This sprint has seen the resurrection of the “power-hour” to help power along all the “things”. Here is an update on what has happened so far in manic March:

Understanding Vulnerability + Shared Plan:

Understanding Vulnerability is the key to determining what route a customer initially takes through the Benefits + Housing Needs service. So, we have started to develop the initial paper tool into a digital prototype that has taken centre stage this sprint.

Testing with the Benefits Teams has encompassed:

  1. Spotting red flags – Employment and Support Allowance ending, non-engagement
  2. Understanding the context – Building a bigger picture of the situation (phoning, looking at their notes in Single View)
  3. Document Vulnerabilities – Using the prototype, free text and checklist with prompt options
  4. Building a shared plan – Work with the resident to create a Shared Plan (actions for both Service staff and the residents)
  5. Share the plan – With the resident using the SMS tool to support them in taking action to prevent homelessness

Tune in next time to find out how the tool has developed to potentially incorporate multiple council officers feeding into a single shared plan; and a read-only view for residents. 

Single View of a customer:

Continues it’s take over of the service with 83 users now onboard. Over the last two weeks they have also been looking at the user interface; making sure it is accessible for all users. The team will start to test these new iterations over the next sprint.

Tech Development is ongoing and includes:

  • New designs for the users viewing pleasure
  • An improved timeline and search facility(!!!) to prevent a user having to scroll through everything

For more details check out Soraya’s week notes 

Information + Evidence:

The waiting time tool is now embedded in several everyday processes within the service including responses to complaints and members enquiries. The mayor’s office has also had a demo and the next step is to embed the tool in their processes. 

The tool will also be utilised to inform Hackney Community & Voluntary Services about the  message that we are sending to our customers.

Development of the wording of the new website pages is continuing to help deliver a realistic and supportive message about their housing solutions. To ensure customers are receiving the right information testing with residents is underway.

Want to know more?

Well keep following our notes and posts, and feel free to get in touch with Claire or Scott if you’d like to chat through any of the work.

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