Weeknotes: Manage Arrears w.c. 6/5/2019

Following last week’s launch of Manage Arrears new ‘Bulk sending’ feature. This week we fixed two snags highlighted by the Leasehold Services Team.

These included;

  1. Adding Page Breaks to the letters
  2. Recording Gov Notify status’ on each letter saved in the Manage Arrears system

The ‘Bulk sending’ tool is available for the Leasehold Services to send their letter 1 and letter 2 service charge arrears letters. The tool is very easy to use and my team have made themselves available to support the on-boarded users.

Next week, we will be working on the Manage Arrears backlog and holding a workshop with the Income Collection team leads to gain an insight into how they want their cases to be ordered in their work trays.

Weeknotes: Manage Arrears w.c. 29/4/2019

Project: Manage Arrears
Written by Guy Whitfield

This week has been busy for the Manage Arrears team. The developers are concluding their work on Phase Two. This leads us up to releasing the new ‘Bulk sending’ feature for Leasehold Services. Training sessions with the IC team have taken place this week and will continue next week.

Nick Prince is carrying out a cleanup exercise to tidy up addresses in Universal Housing (UH). His aim is to finish this task be next week.


*We managed to raise our burn rate from an average of none tasks per week to 13 – the team have been on it!
*We have met our deadline to supply a bulk sending tool for the Service Charge team to send letters 1 and 2.

Next week

*We will look to start planning and roadmap sessions for Phase three.
*Elaine Geeves will work with David Cassidy to run the first 10 Arrears letters through to production.
*We will look to assess creation of User Guides for the Manage Arrears team.
*Soraya and Guy will be meeting with the P.O. (Femi) to give him a project update.
*Nick Prince will finish address clean up in UH allowing Leasehold Service Officers to use the system to run their arrears letters.

Stars of the week

A huge thanks to the team for work carried out this week in getting Phase Two built and, a sad goodbye to the developers for now as we enter planning for Phase 3.

Weeknotes: Licensing a Rented Property

w/c 29/4/2019
Project: Property Licencing Software Metastreet

Inspection App

Last week, I mentioned that Apple had approved Metastreet’s App with a recommendation that some adjustments were made to the App’s logging in process. These adjustments have now been completed and the App is ready for use.

The PSH Team have a plan in place to roll out the Inspection App. The plan includes;
*Setting inspection officers up on the App
*Officer briefings on the App and demos
*Officers being reminded that it is a ‘Live’ App
*Providing officers with post Live support
*The first inspection is due to take place in two weeks (due to Officers leave).

Most of the above has been completed and we now look forward to hearing the team’s feedback following their first few live inspections.

Weeknotes Manage Arrears w.c. 22/4/2019

This week has been very busy for Manage Arrears. We are currently finishing up the last tasks required to release the new ‘Bulk sending’ feature for Leasehold Services next week.

*The developers have removed the stub and we are now pulling ‘real’ data into the system.
*Users have tested the Interfaces for the feature and the feedback has been positive.

In addition to the above, the Income Collection team have now been using the Manage Arrears system in production for 3 weeks. Friday’s feedback session was the most positive so far, as Credit Controllers are now seeing more cases relevant to them. During our feedback session we consolidated all of the team’s feedback, which included 25 user stories. We discussed and prioritised each feature. The three most important features that the caseworkers would like developed next are;

  1. Correct Algorithm
  2. Automation of arrears letters
  3. Ability to view UH Documents in the Manage Arrears system

Next week
We have an exciting week ahead of us next week. We plan to:
Complete the Bulk sending feature
Onboard Leasehold Officers to start using the feature for Service Charge Arrears letters.

Stars of the week
A huge thanks to my project team +Elaine Greeves, +Jermain Graham, +Mark Rosel, +Elena Vilimaite, + Alessandro De Simon, +Miles Alford and +Cormac Brady who have worked extremely hard over the last few weeks developing the above.

Weeknotes Licensing a Rented Property w.c. 22/4/2019

Inspection App

The Property Licencing Inspection App has now been approved by Apple :).

Apple have approved Metastreet’s App with a recommendation that some adjustments are made to the App’s logging in process.

Although the App is in the Apple Store and ready for use, I have asked Metastreet to implement the recommended changes before handing it over to the PSH team for use. The improvements will enhance users experience as officers will be able to;

1. Use the same credentials to access both the new App and the Property Licencing software. This will eliminate the need for them to set up and use two different email addresses for access.

2. Access both the front and back end of the system without restrictions. This will enable them to complete their tasks seamlessly.

Metastreet will be making the above adjustments this sprint and officers will be able to use the App in production late next week.