‘Report a Repair’ Digital Service Standard Assessment

Hackney Council has 25,000 tenants and leaseholders who logged over 170,000 repairs last year. Currently the vast majority of these repairs are raised by phone but only 20% of the contacts are classed as an emergency.

As part of the work to improve the digital experience for users, Hackney Council has developed a new online service for users to log repairs through the Council’s website.

A discovery phase ran in January to March 2017 across the whole of the Council’s housing service with staff and users. The current digital service for tenants and residents to log a repair was found to be a significant cause of dissatisfaction and has resulted in a very low use of the service.  The discovery recommended developing a new service ‘Report a Repair’.

Hackney Council has signed up to deliver its services to the Local Government Digital Service Standard. The standard requires projects to be delivered with a user centred approach using agile methodologies and developing the new service iteratively. As the launch of the new service approaches Hackney Council invited other Local Authorities to take a look at the new service and to measure the delivery against the Local Government Digital Service Standard. A webex of the new service was arranged along with slides justifying the delivery against each of the 15 points in the Standard. At this point we need to say a big thank you to the 3 people who attended the presentation and gave fantastic feedback:

Ben Cheetham – Kingston and Sutton Councils

Martin Dainton – Devon County Council

Neil Lawrence – Oxford City Council

A copy of the presentation can be found here

A copy of the user journey through the new service can be found here

The outcome and notes from the assessment can be found here

The feedback from the session was very positive will all commenting on how useful it had been and how it will assist the other Local Authorities to shape their repairs service. Most importantly, for us, it was agreed that Hackney Council had delivered its new service to the Local Government Digital Service Standard.

For myself, who has not been involved in such a process previously, I found it incredibly useful. It gave me an insight into how the Standard works and how working openly and collaboratively with other Local Authorities will lead to better outcomes for all involved.