Revitalising the Hackney Intranet: Weeknotes w/c 9/9/2019

Welcome to the first official week notes for the Revitalising the Hackney Intranet project!

What is this project you ask? Well, the intranet is packing up and moving to WordPress. How? You may be wondering. Well, +Mohamed Mulla has copied the WordPress instance of the new Hackney public-facing website as the basis of the intranet, you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve kept up to date with +Susan McFarland-Lyons Re-Engineering Hackney Content week notes.

So, we are currently using the same seven blocks that +Carolina Gaspari designed for the public site to copy over the intranet content. This includes content, anchor links, accordions, featured message, iFrame, contact and image. The purpose of this is that it makes the process a lot easier than having to design and code new blocks, and saves a lot of time and money in the process. You can have a look at some completed pages for the public-facing website here

The intranet is currently home to over 4000 pages, but, amazingly +Jennifer Riley and +Hannah Saunders have managed to cut that down to 500, making this a slightly less enduring task than the internet content move… we hope.

Hannah is also taking on the challenge of tackling the ‘News’ section of the intranet where we have articles dating back to 2016. The news also currently only exists under two categories, ‘Latest News’ and ‘Get Involved’. To make it easier for staff to navigate their way through, Jennifer and Hannah have taken this opportunity to create more categories for different news posts. This is the list as we have it so far; Benefits, Diversity & Equality, Environmental Sustainability, Events & Activities, Facilities, Hackney News, Health & Wellbeing, ICT Blog, Offers & Discounts, Opportunities and Hackney Managers News.

Along the way, there has been discussion around how we can house news separately, within the context of being a more transparent organisation and potentially opening up more. It is likely we will need to call on design expertise further down the line. However, as we are on a tight schedule with the deadline of our GOSS account expiring at the end of September, moving the content over is our priority.

So a final update on where we are. Myself, Jennifer, Hannah, +Bruno Giachero, +Nadine Davis, +Liam Matthews Murray and +Hidayat Deen have been carrying out the content population for the last 7 days. We are over 300 pages down, and if we continue at this rate we will be well away before the GOSS deadline.

Let us hope it remains as smooth a ride as it currently is… * she says completely ignoring the pain of converting eDOCS. *

Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes 26/08/19

This week +Susan McFarland-Lyons has left me in charge of the week notes for the Re-engineering Hackney Content project whilst she enjoys a well-deserved break in Slovenia.

So, here you have it…

This short week has seen the team spend time fixing bugs and adjusting the styles on the live site meaning we are now ready to start creating the new templates for image blocks, and that will mean the final few pages will be complete – keep an eye out for the Mayor and Cabinet page.

+Carolina Gaspari and +Alan Jones are also working together with Commercial Estate Manager +Adam Jones to re-organise the information we have on the Properties Listing page, and following yesterday’s meeting, Carolina is now ready to start designing the templates for that page.

+Gillian Newman, who kindly carried out accessibility testing on the website last week has now provided us with the results. What the results show is that we do have some accessibility and usability issues, but these are things we can easily fix. Once those changes have been made we can then move full steam ahead with our one-to-one resident accessibility testing.

Last but not least, +Mohamed Mulla has just finished creating the backend fields for the homepage which will make it fairly easy for +Iain Sharp and Alan to manage content going forward. We are also that much closer to pushing the homepage to live, with Mo finishing the coding for desktop and mobile. We now await feedback and approval from our stakeholders, and with the green light from Susan, we may well have a live homepage before she arrives back in London.