Manage a Tenancy: Weeknotes w/c 10th June 2019

Three weeks left now before our deadline for shipping the digital service supporting Enhanced Tenancy Residents association (ETRA) – can we do it? To quote President Obama.

Lots going on as usual for Manage a Tenancy this week. The team has picked up some issues in one of our already products (Tenancy and Household Check) but have quickly rooted out the causes and come up with solutions. We’re in the process of test and are hopeful they’ll be in place for Monday.

Taking a moment – can you imagine even a few years ago – that we’d be able to find, isolate, fix and deploy a solution to an in-production server is just a couple of working days? We sometimes take this kind of thing for granted but the new ways of working and technology have totally transformed out ability to support our users.

At the same time the team is still working on deploying Initial Tenancy Visit. Our code is all in place but we’re still having some tricky issues with the complex technical infrastructure from the previous implementation of this service.

ETRA continues a-pace with good feedback from user-testing of clickable demos today. I’m looking forward to showing working code at our show and tell next week – which we’ll be doing at one of Hackney’s satellite Housing Officer locations.

Finally, I’ll be sitting down on Monday with a group of folks to start hammering out the business case for the next round of work.

Lot’s still to do – still quite a few challenges – but we have a good view of where we want to get to and how to get there.


Manage a Tenancy: Weeknotes w/c 3 June 2019

Another busy week for Manage a Tenancy.

On Monday we confirmed the RACI for the project and discussed how we were going to communicate with our users and stakeholders. We also mapped out the user journey for the Enhanced Tenant Residents Association meeting (ETRA) process. This is fairly simple – which is good since we now only have four weeks left to deliver the work!

On Tuesday we started developing the clickable mockup screens in InVision for ETRA and prepped for the show and tell on Wednesday. The team continued to work on the new technical infrastructure for MaT.

Wednesday we did the show and tell (slides, video recording) and the HakcIT part of the team continued to upskill in React (a front-end framework).

Thursday there was a big push to try and finish the deployment for the ITV process. Unfortunately that wasn’t completed but we’re still working hard to get it done. The complexity of the legacy infrastructure is still proving to be a big issue and everyone will be happy when we’ve completed moving to the new way of working!

Friday most of the team went to the Made Tech offices and had a big session focusing on React skills and good design for ETRA.

Next week we’re going to focus on getting the ETRA clickable demos in front of Housing Officers to get some early feedback as well as implementing the code for the first parts of ETRA, building up our testing skills (more of that next week) and hopefully getting ITV over the line.

Manage a Tenancy: Weeknotes w/c 28 May 2019

A short update this week. Hi – my name is David Durant, I’m the new Delivery Manager for Manage a Tenancy here at HackIT. I’m still getting up to speed with MaT (and everything else) but here’s my understanding of where we are.

The technical members of the team, alongside our partners Made Tech, continue to work hard to deploy the Initial Tenancy Visit service to the cloud. This is a good example of Hackney’s current complex mix of legacy technology which makes this job particularly difficult. All defects including in the MVP are now complete so hopefully we’ll get some extra assistance with the last of the AWS issues next week and be able to make this available to our users.

From next week we’ve moving on to the ETRA process for the Housing team. This is going involve a whole new way of working – developing the front-end in React and working via Behaviour / Test Driven Development. This is going to be a great opportunity for a number of team members to learn new skills. I’m looking forward to being able to show off how these methods improve our software development process.

Next week we have the Steering Group and our next show and tell. Hopefully there will also an opportunity to discuss stepping back to look across the whole of the tenancy management piece at Hackney and discussing what a holistic service / data / new technology based design might look like and how we might construct a longer term road map.

As an old boss of mine used to say, onwards! 🙂