Asbestos project – week note 22/05/20

Not much to report this week – we acknowledge that it can be tricky to progress some projects in the current situation when team members are called to work on higher priority issues.

The main achievement this week is transferring support for Shine over to the HackIT Service Desk and Apps Support. This means that user management and first line support issues now don’t need to be dealt with by the Product Owner.

We’re also in the process of setting up the first project show and tell – invites should be going out soon.

In the coming week we plan to do the following.

  • Continue to work with shineVision about our data migration from our existing provider to their platform
  • Continue the conversation with Corporate Property about their move to Shine
  • Create a first draft of user needs to be confirmed by our wide array of stakeholders

If your work for Hackney and are interested in being part of the asbestos discussion please drop me an email. If you work outside the council have an interested in asbestos put a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you.

Hackney Re-Platforming Week notes : 22-05-20

Unfortunately we didn’t complete Tenancy and Household Check this week as planned but we expect to do so very early next week.

At the same time we’ll have the code templates ready for the team to start working on Home Check and Initial Tenancy Visit which we’re hopeful we can complete quickly as all the sub-components have already been created for the first process.

We undertook a whole-team accessibility test this week that was very interesting and educational and flagged up a few small issues that we can fix before the project is paused.

We’re also going to complete the work related to the Service Standard assessment next week and share what we’ve learned with the rest of HackIT.

Finally, the team groomed the backlog of work so it’s in a good shape for when work on Manage a Tenancy starts again in the future.


  • Complete end-to-end testing for T&HC with Housing Officers
  • Create all the tickets in the backlog for HC and ITV and begin work on them
  • Complete the cyber security test

Report a Problem Week notes : 22/5/20


mySociety has completed the work on staff single-sign-on. Hackney users in the Contact Centre and elsewhere can now sign into FixMyStreet using their G Suite account.

We had a great conversation about the technical setup for making automated emails come from a Hackney domain. We’re all on the same page now so hopefully this will be implemented fairly quickly now.

We’ve received even more excellent issue category feedback from the Contact Centre staff. We’re continuing to slowly go through all of these.

We’re nearly ready to reach out to the council service areas teams. We’re going to create a small number of how-to videos in the next few days and then send everything out.


Getting people talking in real-time makes all the difference. The conversation about email routing has been going round-and-round for a few weeks. Getting the right people on the phone for 30 minutes enabled us to quickly hammer out the technical details so we can move on to implementation.


Going through the detailed category feedback may slow us down a bit. It’s a very valuable thing to do but it’s taking us a while to ensure everything is right for the MVP.


Our widely distributed team continues to do great work on this. Thanks to Matthew, Louise H., Louise W., David, Dave, Rasit, William, Ade, Sandrine, Sam and many others.


  • We’ll be reaching out to the service area teams early next week
  • We’re going to be completing the draft version of the updates to the council website
  • We’re going to be setting up the MVP categories in FixMyStreet

Report a Problem Week notes : 15/5/20


mySociety has restarted development on a number of things directly related to Hackney. These include staff single-sign-on, location-based-routing (so the same type of issue can be sent to different council teams depending on where it is) and the prototype of collecting information on noise nuisance.

We’ve still in the process of going through the excellent detailed feedback from the CCC staff. This has proved to be extremely useful in prompting some important conversations.


Don’t assume about technology. Some technical work we thought we be hard turns out to be easy and won’t take very long. Some that we thought would be easy – not so much.


We’re still finalising our issue category mappings. This is still proving tricky as we not only need to understand some quite intricate details of which council service area is responsible for what, but also line up the category list with new and existing council IT systems being used by service area teams and the contact centre.

We still need to have some potentially tricky conversations with some of our service areas. We still need to get agreement about Officers “double closing” issues (in their own case management systems and also FixMyStreet).

It’s still really difficult to find time to work on this. In particular we were hoping to have more work done on the Hackney website updates by now but that’s barely started.

We’re asking mySociety to work in new ways. Not really a difficulty, but asking for new ways of working has meant writing new code that may delay things slightly.


Our widely distributed team continues to do great work on this. Thanks to Matthew, Louise H., Louise W., David, Dave, Rasit, William, Ade, Sandrine, Sam and many others.


  • In our next regular meeting with mySociety we’ll be re-confirming the updated timeline
  • We’re discussing whether to keep the existing many separate meetings with different areas of the council about the different parts of the project or whether to start running regular multidisciplinary stands-ups

Hackney Re-Platforming Weeknotes Week ending: 2020-05-14

We’re at a key point in the delivery of the replatforming for Manage a Tenancy. We’re going to be completing the new version of Tenancy and Household Check (T&HC) at the start of next week. We’ve already been working closely with Housing Officers to test individual sections and we’re looking forward to hearing their feedback on the completed end-to-end journey.

We’re also going to be ready to start building Home Check (HC) and Initial Tenancy Visit (ITV) from standard templates we’ve created. This should be much quicker than building them from scratch.

This project has been a great opportunity for some of the developers in the team to learn a lot of new skills. We’re looking forward to them leading on the creation of these new processes.


  • Complete end-to-end testing for T&HC with Housing Officers
  • Create all the tickets in the backlog for HC and ITV
  • Complete the cyber security test
  • Complete the accessibility test
  • Tidy the backlog before the project is paused