Manage a Tenancy : Weeknotes w/c 12th August 2019

Another week skipped – I was away in lovely Norway taking trains through the mountains and cruising through the fjords (taking photos like this) which was super relaxing.

Manage a Tenancy continues apace along multiple strands. We’re continuing to close a significant number of bugs in both existing and new code and our latest feature release should be ready to go very early next week.

At the same time I’ll be reviewing the detailed submissions for our piece of “replatforming” work (moving away from our experiment with a “low code” platform) on Monday. We should be meeting the shortlisted vendors very shortly after that then hopefully be starting the development work in early September.

As if that wasn’t enough we’re also also delighted to be working with the HackIT Service Design team to plan out our next round of new development. The scope for that should be defined by the end of next week and we can look forward to getting underway.

Have a great weekend all.

Digital Support Services weeknotes w/c 29/7/19

This is the weeknotes formerly knows as “Hackney Digital Forms”. Apologies for not updating for the last two weeks, I’ve been ill.

We’ve had some great discussions about the Digital Support Services project and refocused our work away from a primary focus on technology to one based around delivering value to our internal users by delivering a quality service to help them with HR and Finance related actions.

We’re currently paused on the service design front while we do a technology evaluation – who would have thought there would be some many front-end code generators (many with extended functionality) on the Digital Marketplace that are compliant with the GOV.UK Design System.

We’re a bit pressed for resources at the moment but we’re hoping that that will change soon so watch this space!

Manage a Tenancy: Weeknotes w/c 29th July 2019

Apologies for lack of week-notes for the last two weeks, I’ve been off sick.

Lots still going on with Manage a Tenancy. Unfortunately we’re still having issues with deploying the latest process for our Housing Officers but our devs are working hard on the final issues and we hope to be able to make it available very soon.

I’d like to thank MadeTech for continuing to work on MaT even after the official end of their contract to deliver a final piece of new functionality.

We’re currently multi-tasking. Firstly, working on our Digital Marketplace tender for the “replatforming” piece (moving to a much more stable, easy to develop / deploy technology platform). Secondly starting a new piece of “step back” service design work to look again at the fundamental user needs underpinning the existing set of MaT processes undertaken by tenants and Housing Officers. I’m hopeful that we can define a small number of new verb-named services that will make the whole area much clearer (from a digital perspective).

I’m away again next week but I’m looking forward to providing further updates as we continue both of those work streams.

Hackney Digital Forms w/c 1st July 2019

It’s been a pretty quiet week for Digital Forms this week as most of the team have been busy on other projects. We’re definitely busy preparing for a busy time next week though.

Next week is going to be full-on. We have a workshop planned to build a consensus for what the team means by “digital forms” (we have quiet the range of views!) and whether we can work on a single product to both deliver an MVP and be able to achieve powerful long term strategic value.

Key to that will be debate around whether there are different kinds of developers. There’s been a proposal that folks that can write scripts to connect APIs between different systems are different to “full” developers who write complex business logic and develop APIs. It’s going to be an interesting discussion!

On top of both of those we’re also confirming the service design that’s been done for the potential prototypes, discussing what APIs need to be in place for those to work and getting into the examination of the market by defining our scoring criteria and starting to sort through the many potential options that are out there.

We’ll also be doing our first show and tell to describe our approach to this work so we need to be in a good shape by then. We’ll post the video in next week’s weeknotes.

Plenty to be getting one with!

Manage a Tenancy: Weeknotes w/c 1st July 2019

It’s been all hands to the pump for Manage a Tenancy this week. This is the final week before our current supplier rolls off so everyone has been working really hard to ensure that all of our backlog items have been completed and that we’re good to go for releasing our new services to Hackney Housing Officers.

We’ve had some complex system integration issues but pooling our combined knowledge of lots of different technologies the team has really come together to work through these problems and solve them in record time.

We had another great show and tell on Wednesday. You can find the slides here. The session video is below.

Moving forward there are two pieces of project work that we will be picking up from next week.

The first is completing the selection of a vendor based on this Digital Marketplace tender for a partner to help us do a partial replatforming of some of Manage a Tenancy so it’s more in line with the rest of the HackIT technology stack.

The second is to organise a short “mini-discovery” to look re-evaluate our roadmap of future work. At the moment there’s been a little too much focus on “lift and shift” of existing processes so we’re going to spend a little time going back to service design basics and understanding what the fundamental relationships and user needs are for the various types of people involved in this area.

Expect to hear more about both of those pieces of work really soon!