Extending Repairs Hub to RCC agents – Show & Tell 14/05/2019

The Repairs Hub (RCC) team has been working together in the Unboxed office on Fridays, which has made it easier for everyone to focus on user stories and making progress on key development tasks. Our work last week focussed on:

  • Integrating Keyfax, a response management software
  • Raising a repair under the RCC agent’s name
  • Integrating contractors’ diaries
  • Talking to the Neighbourhood Contact Centre team to understand if we could reuse some of their work to manage contact information.

We also had our show & tell on Tuesday 14th May, where we talked about all of the above and demoed some of the new features.

Extending Repairs Hub to RCC agents – Show & Tell 07/05/2019

The Repairs Hub team have been busy over the last month extending the Repairs Hub functionality to support the Repairs Contact Centre (RCC) agents.

The focus of the project is to add new features to the existing Repairs Hub, so that RCC agents can start using the new app and move away from Universal Housing. Some of the new features are:

  • Raising a new repair
  • Displaying tenure details
  • Adding relating facilities to an existing property
  • Adding cautionary contact information related to a property

We are currently in Sprint 4. You can see the work we’ve done so far in more detail in the show & tells slides of Sprint 1, Sprint 2, & Sprint 3.

Gas Safety Check Certification – Show & Tell 02/05/2019

Thanks to everyone who came to the final show & tell of the Gas Safety
Check Certification Discovery project last week, and specially to the product owner Judith Morrison (and proxy PO Chris Chukwura) for all their help throughout this interesting piece of work.

The goal of the discovery phase was to to identify and seize opportunities and costs of improving the experience and process for managing gas safety certification in Hackney.

After 5 weeks of intensive work, we are now better able to understand the problem and the service. MadeTech and FutureGov gave us an insightful presentation that included the outcome of their user research, business analysis and technical discovery. Together with some great ideas thrown by the audience during the show & tell, we can see the opportunities ahead of us, the actions we can take to realise them and the value they could add.

Have a look at the slides.