Creating a Job Description Register weeknotes – Week commencing 17/06/2019

Good afternoon all, 

This week: 

  • This week we interviewed different Councils to understand how they store and manage their Job Descriptions (JD) and Job Evaluations (JE). From these calls, we identified many similarities and differences. 
  • Similarities: Most Councils use GLPC scheme for Job Evaluation and are facing similar problems i.e. versioning and storage. One of the other key similarities was that all the Councils have no link between the JD and the JE and have to access each document separately from different drive/system.
  • Differences: Councils use G-Suite and Sharepoint to manage and store the Job Descriptions but don’t have a set system that works. 
  • Ownership: We also discovered that the ownership (keeping JDs up-to-date) of the JDs tend to be the Business Managers or a mixture of Business Managers and HR Business Partners. At Hackney, the Ownership of the Job Description is with the Business Manager. 
  • Control: In all cases, HR team were responsible for storing the JDs. So, at anytime, when an employee needs a JD, they request it from their Manager or from HR Business Partner which is quite labour intensive. 
  • Off the back of the calls with the Councils, they have all decided to participate and contribute towards further User Research. In addition, they have shown great interest in the outcome of this project.
  • We’ve continued making progress on our ‘End of Discovery Phase’ checklist, we are around 80% complete! 

Next week:  

  • We will be continuing with the ‘End of discovery phase’ checklist 
  • We will be carrying out more user research; interviews with other Councils.

Thank you for reading. 

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