Hackney Re-Platforming Week notes : 22-05-20

Unfortunately we didn’t complete Tenancy and Household Check this week as planned but we expect to do so very early next week.

At the same time we’ll have the code templates ready for the team to start working on Home Check and Initial Tenancy Visit which we’re hopeful we can complete quickly as all the sub-components have already been created for the first process.

We undertook a whole-team accessibility test this week that was very interesting and educational and flagged up a few small issues that we can fix before the project is paused.

We’re also going to complete the work related to the Service Standard assessment next week and share what we’ve learned with the rest of HackIT.

Finally, the team groomed the backlog of work so it’s in a good shape for when work on Manage a Tenancy starts again in the future.


  • Complete end-to-end testing for T&HC with Housing Officers
  • Create all the tickets in the backlog for HC and ITV and begin work on them
  • Complete the cyber security test
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