Asbestos project – week note 15/05/20

This project is continuing to come up to speed nicely. This week we’ve been doing the following.

  • Speaking to shineVision (the providers of our new asbestos management system Shine) about the capabilities of their product
  • Working with our current provider and our new one to ensure everything is going well for our data migration from one system to the other
  • Finalising the work with HackIT’s Service Desk and Apps Support teams for Shine to supported by them
  • Starting to build our user research panel from the diverse teams in the council who need to be aware of asbestos issues
  • Spoken to colleagues in Corporate Property about their migration from their existing system to Shine
  • Created an initial draft timeline for the project (very early, likely to change substantially)

In the coming week we plan to do the following.

  • Create a first draft of user needs to be confirmed by our wide array of stakeholders
  • Complete the list of our wider interested parties group so we can make sure that everyone who needs to be is informed about the status of the project
  • Speak to staff at Westminster Council who are already using Shine to manage asbestos in their borough
  • Start planning in regular show and tells

If your work for Hackney and are interested in being part of the asbestos discussion please drop me an email. If you work outside the council have an interested in asbestos put a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you.

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