API Factory Weeknotes – 9th August

Welcome to the penultimate weeknotes of the API Factory. Written weeknotes are a change to our regular scheduling but, it’s never too late to try a new thing, right?

We’ve been very busy bees over the last week attacking the task of getting the Addresses API into production on 12th August. This has involved Sandrine doing a lot of testing and raising some bugs. Liudvikas, Bukky and Matthew fixing the bugs with gusto and handing them back to Sandrine to test. We are 80% there and feeling optimistic about what’s left as it’s tasks like renaming things which, typically, aren’t too back breaking.

On the flip side of the coin we have been looking at how we control access to our APIs in a secure way that doesn’t cause massive admin overheads. I know it feels like we’ve been saying this for weeks and weeks but that’s because we have. Cloud infrastructure is a *really* complicated thing to get your head around and make choices about when you are learning everything as you go.

We have to give huge thanks to our colleagues from the infrastructure department of ICT who have given us as much time and expertise as they possibly can on the subject and also to our friends at AWS who have now run 3 workshops for us to help us get our heads around everything. We think we have a plan for the now and some great knowledge to share with our friends in infrastructure about what the tools AWS have can do and how Hackney might benefit from those in the long run.

Selwyn has been working hard to implement our plan for ‘now’ but, as with all new things, it’s been taking more time and faffing (he had to create a whole new AWS account because we didn’t want to risk breaking production services) than we would have liked but he’s made stunning progress. We’re still hopeful that a production Addresses API than can be controlled on a per API, per environment level is totally within our grasp.

And on that bombshell, I leave you in suspense and eagerly awaiting the final episode of ‘The API Factory’. A drama that has given us, highs, lows, twists turns and many good times. Here’s to the last week of the project and our most collaborative delivery yet.

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