API Factory – Final Week notes 23rd August 2019

In this final edition of the API Factory week notes we have EXCELLENT news and also sad new.

Let’s start with the EXCELLENT:
The Addresses API is fully, completely and totally LIVE! We cannot say a big enough thank you to the data and insight team in collaborations with Marta, Anna, Steve and Tom too who helped with UAT. Getting the API live has been the definition of a team effort. Well done all! It makes us have this happy face

And now the sad:
This is the end of the API Factory project. It has been wrapped up as we’ve got as far as we practically can with the current team set up. It’s been a fantastic project which has pushed many boundaries, surfaced important questions and innovated at the bleeding edge of technology. It’s now time to take a step back from the Factory and have a broader look at what we’ve done, how that fits into the bigger department and the best way to keep moving forward.

The Google site for the project will remain in place so if you ever want to go down memory lane, it’ll be there.

This is goodbye. So long and thanks for all the fish!

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