Amazon Connect weeknotes, w/e 8 May 2020

What is it?

Amazon Connect is a new IVR/call handling system we’re trialling in our Neighbourhoods Contact Centre. It can automate certain types of calls, which should free up Agents to deal with more complex matters. We want to establish if residents will benefit from and trust an automated system for basic enquiries. 

What have we done?

We had our first retrospective on Monday and it went well. Everyone was appreciative of how we are collaborating and communicating, and certainly there’s been a flexibility and responsiveness on both sides which has really sped the project along. On the minus side, our API issues continued. During the week we went to Plan B and deployed the updated code into an “old” AWS account, and testing was successful. That will do for the duration of the pilot and has allowed us to move forward. Meanwhile, the Development and Infrastructure teams will try to diagnose the fault. 

We brought our Service Support colleagues into the project during the week, though in retrospect this maybe could have been done earlier, due to their knowledge of implementing the Puzzel system. It’s a lesson learned. We’re now very much in the rollout planning phase, and we need to arrange training soon for the agents who will use it – Service Support will be an important part of this. 

We’ve come up against an unexpected potential compliance issue around call recording. We sometimes take card payments over the phone, and that part of the call cannot be recorded. Puzzel allows recording to be “paused” but Amazon Connect currently doesn’t. We’re looking into a workaround that will be OK for the pilot; the last thing we want to do is to not be compliant – or degrade the service we offer residents. 

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