Amazon Connect weeknotes, w/e 24 July 2020

This may be the last weeknotes for this project as we’ve taken the decision to pause the pilot for now and reflect on what we’ve learned. Agents have switched back to the Puzzel system and we’ll discuss next steps. 

The stats for the last 10 days of the trial are: 

  • 3168 calls were offered (that is, received by the system)
  • 860 calls were partially deflected (that is, the caller used the bot but still spoke to an agent)
  • 246 calls were fully deflected (that is, the caller only used the bot or payment line)
  • 487 callers used the balance option
  • 62 callers used the transactions option
  • 304 callers passed identification & verification 

This is a deflection rate of 34.9%, or 17.3% if you strip out callers who went straight to the payment line; this is broadly on par with the previous weeknotes. The identification & verification pass rate is 55.4%, an improvement on previous. 

Overall for the pilot, the headlines are:

  • 12,737 calls were offered
  • 2231 calls were partially deflected
  • 496 calls were fully deflected
  • This is a deflection rate of 21.4% overall

A few little things of interest: 

  • The balance option was consistently more popular than transactions
  • Leasehold callers were more likely to pass identification & verification, at least in the early days
  • A lot of callers just prefer to speak to a real person, even where an automated service exists that could handle the entire transaction
  • Automated services are a little like Marmite: where callers had a good experience they loved it, but if their experience was poor they really didn’t like it at all

I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the pilot, especially the managers and agents in the Neighbourhoods Contact Centre for their valuable time, knowledge, and patience. We really couldn’t have done this without you, and what we’ve learned over these last few months will really help in designing the future service. 

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