Amazon Connect weeknotes, w/e 19 June 2020

It’s been a quieter week and a week for tinkering. We’ve agreed to extend the pilot a bit in order to get enough feedback and data to base our next steps on, so we needed to make some changes to improve our data. 

The first thing we tinkered with was the daily deflection report, as we noticed that some calls had been classified incorrectly. Since the last weeknotes, our stats are:

  • 2002 calls were offered (that is, received by the system)
  • 1580 calls were not deflected (that is, went straight through to an agent)
  • 360 calls were abandoned (that is, the caller hung up before speaking to an agent or using the bot)
  • 57 calls were partially deflected (that is, the caller used the bot but still spoke to an agent)
  • 5 calls were fully deflected (that is, the caller only used the bot)

The deflection rate is now 3.1% – not fantastic still, but an improvement on last week.

The next thing we tinkered with was publicity. With thanks to Paul in Communications we were able to get a mention in our regular email newsletter to residents, which went out this week. Iain in the Website team has put similar content on relevant pages of the website. We hope that this will see an uptick in deflected calls over the coming weeks. 

The third thing for tinkering was the IVR menu itself. We’ve changed the welcome message to highlight the new options and that you need your payment reference, so the need for that is set up front. We’re also adding an “intent capture” where we ask the caller to explain in a couple of words why they’re calling. This will be useful data in determining what we do with the system in future and to see where we can bring value. 

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