Amazon Connect weeknote, w/e 29 May 2020

It’s been an exciting week. After much hard work by Mission Labs, we’ve got the test version of the system.

Our Super Users were trained in how to use the system earlier in the week, and have trained the agents who’ll be using it during the trial. Because we’ve received the test version, it can be proper hands-on training and agents can familiarise themselves with it in good time before going live. 

This week has seen some user acceptance testing. The core functionality is working fine, three users have tested it and found no bugs. However, one user has found some anomalies in the Admin side of things. Although this wouldn’t affect the customer/caller experience, it’s something that would stop me giving the green light for go-live. Fortunately our supplier has been really responsive and has fixed them overnight. This is a level of service I can definitely live with!

We’ve started to recruit residents to test the service to give us honest feedback. We’ll be asking around 20 or so residents to make a call to the new automated service and give us their thoughts. Could they understand what they were told? Was it easy to use? Importantly, how can we improve it or add to it? I’ve never directly run user research by myself before and I’m really grateful to Gillian and Richard in the Design Team for their support. 

We decide on Monday morning if we’re ready. 

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