Amazon Connect weeknote, w/e 22 May 2020

Things are starting to get real now. We’re in our last development sprint and I’ve just had a demo of what our system looks like (it’s really easy to use!). It’ll be handed over to us next week for user acceptance testing – basically, make sure it works and see if you can break it. Then we’ll have a whirlwind week of training, bug-fixing, final preparations and finally switching the two lines over on 2 June. That’s barely 10 days away. But that’s looking to the future, rather than what’s happened this week. 

We’ve made some real progress on our call recording issue. Our supplier has shown us an assisted payments module which is 100% compliant with the payment industry standards and is in use with a couple of other clients. The agent remains on the call, though they cannot hear or see any card data as it is entered by the caller. The card details are encrypted by the system and sent to our payment processor. We believe there is an API for that, and so should we adopt the Amazon Connect system after the trial, this is likely the first thing we’d do. Until then, we will not record calls. 

We had another retro on Monday and our team working and collaboration stood out again. It has been good working with Mission Labs and the Contact Centre, everyone is really flexible and I’ve learned a lot about how the centre works over the last couple of weeks. 

A lot of this week has been spent tying up loose ends. We’ve got our training plan outlined, infrastructure changes lined up, and a go-live plan. Service Support colleagues have joined us and we’ve agreed how we’ll manage any issues reported by staff. We’ve also drafted the questionnaire for usability testing – we’ll be recruiting some Hackney residents to test this for us and give feedback. We need to get this right, and I’m sure people will be frank and honest. 

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