HackIT 3.0 weeknotes #8

Week ending 28/01/21

Quick recap

We haven’t published a HackIT 3.0 update since before Christmas – but we have been really busy doing the work needed to move proposals forward. We know people are keen to keep up-to-date with what’s happening, and hopefully this note gives helpful information on the progress we’re making. 

We’ve been steadily developing our new structure. As you can imagine this needs lots of careful, detailed work to make sure we produce a comprehensive business case, including job descriptions, ready to consult on. There are strict rules and processes to follow – and we want to make sure we’re doing the right thing every step of the way.

Our Divisional Management Team (DMT) used the Strategy Show & Tell on 18 November to share the next iteration of proposals – Our Future Shape. This included more detail on what teams will be part of the new structure, their responsibilities, and the types of roles needed in those teams; as well as our estimated timeline for the formal stages of the restructure.

This was followed by a further Show and Tell on 25 November, which gave people the chance to ask any questions they might have after having the time to read and digest the latest proposals.

What’s happened since

We’ve found your on Our Future Shape really valuable and, as before, this has helped us make further refinements to proposals. 

I have been focussing very closely on producing a comprehensive set of JDs for the roles in the new structure. These are collected in ‘job families’ around specific ICT disciplines and provide clear career paths from Apprentice to Associate, mid and Senior level. Consistency between grades across the structure is an important part of helping to facilitate opportunities for career progression between job areas/ specialisms, within and beyond HackIT.

So far we have produced over 60 JDs which are currently being evaluated by HR to confirm the grade. Apparently Cate ‘loves’ writing job descriptions (turns out, she’s a JD nerd) and has been working closely with me to complete this mammoth task. 

Once this work is done, we will be calculating the market supplements for each role so we can be confident we are offering competitive pay rates in line with Council policy. We’ve also started discussions with the London Office of Information and Technology (LOTI) and Hammersmith and Greenwich councils, about how we can work together to develop a shared approach for benchmarking digital, data and technology roles across the local authority sector in London.

Links to all of the JDs within the new structure will be published with the Delegated Powers Report (DPR) – the main part of the consultation process. We wanted to share them with you as we wrote them, but that’s not HR policy (I checked).

Next steps

At the show and tell before Christmas, we also shared an indicative timeline of how the restructure might progress, I was careful to emphasise this was the minimum amount of time it could be completed in. 

I’ve now written a draft DPR, but further work has to be done before it can be published, including final budget calculations, the creation of a structure chart so people can visualise where they/ their team sits; an Equality Impact Assessment; a risk assessment; and an updated timetable, starting from the publication of the DPR (now likely to be in February – exact date tbc).

Stay up-to-date

I’m the lead organisational change manager working to support DMT to deliver our new structure. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. For further updates join the #hackit-3-point-0 Slack channel, and watch out for regular updates via Google Currents and show and tells.

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