HackIT 3.0 weeknotes #7

Week ending 12/11/21

It’s been a while since I’ve published any HackIT 3.0 weeknotes. There’s a few reasons for this, including the fact that it’s the type of change management work that doesn’t always fit a standard Agile sprint format.  

The latest news is that after taking some time over the summer to listen to your feedback and reflect, our Divisional Management Team (DMT) has arrived at a point where they can give a further update at the Strategy Show & Tell on 18 November, with more detail on what the future shape of the service.

This will focus on the next iteration of proposals for HackIT, including more detail on what teams will be part of the new structure, their responsibilities, and the types of roles needed in those teams; as well as our estimated timeline for the next stages of the work leading to completion of the restructure.

The show and tell will be a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about proposals, so please try and attend if you can.

What we did do vs what we didn’t do

Looking back over past 3.0 weeknotes – which I’ve republished on the revived HackIT blog so they’re all in one digital place for reference – it was reassuring to see the progress that has been made over the last few months.

It’s important to note that contributions made in the 3.0 workshops, alongside team and individual feedback, has all proved invaluable in helping reshape the latest proposals. This shows the value of our principle of working in the open.

Added to this, the first pilot product team – for Document Management – is up and running (you can read more about what they are working on in Lewis Sternberg’s weeknotes).

Plus we are now starting to work out how we go about creating a Managing Repairs product team as part of the Modern Tools for Housing programme, but we’ve delayed this as the team has been heads down delivering value to users and we didn’t want to distract them at a crucial stage.

Of the 3 proposed anchor roles we said we’d establish, we haven’t yet created any, but are making progress on a Product Management Lead role, and instead of a Standards and Assurance role we’re testing out whether a part-time project led by Cate gives us enough capacity to do the thinking about how a standards and assurance service might work. 

The Community of Practice coach has been less of a priority so far, but it’s still very much something we want to explore in the future. 

Recap for any new team members:

I’m the lead organisational change manager working to support DMT to deliver HackIT 3.0, the vision for this was first laid out in the ‘Towards our future shape’ document in March.

The development of HackIT 3.0 is an ongoing conversation, which everyone is invited to participate in. You can contact me directly, join the #hackit-3-point-0 Slack channel, and watch out for regular updates via Google Currents and show and tells.

Look forward to seeing you all at the Show and Tell next week.

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